Friday 14 June 2024

Why your vehicle matters so much on a road trip

Are you going on a road trip soon? Make sure you’re driving the right vehicle. Whether you’re taking a hatchback or a campervan, you need to feel comfortable behind the wheel. If you don’t feel safe, and you don’t feel like you can rely on the vehicle getting you to point B, you’re not going to have a very good trip at all!

So make sure you’re taking the right vehicle with you. Even if you need to rent one, don’t be afraid to fork out for the hiring cost. Doing so could even save you a lot more money whilst you’re out there! And that’s not the only reason to think about here; check out the list below for a few more.

You’re going to need some personal space

If you’re not road tripping alone, having a bit of personal space will be essential to the happiness of your journey. It’s hard to be locked in a confined space with someone for days on end, even when you’re sure you like them.

As such, if you’re planning to drive in a small car like a Mini, we highly recommend reconsidering the plan! You never know what might happen whilst you’re out there, and if you can’t take five away from each other, it could even become a safety issue.

There’s a chance of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere

That’s why you should know where you’re headed in minute detail; you don’t want to get stuck because you didn’t account for needing all weather tires! Indeed, this is the main reason plenty of people hire a car to go on a road trip with, rather than take their own vehicle. Vehicles that are great for both road driving and go off road include RAM Trucks, Land Rovers, and Jeep Wranglers.

We also mentioned in the intro that hiring a car that’s better than the one you own can save you money throughout the trip. This is where that factor comes in. If the rented vehicle has a better fuel economy, not only will you be less likely to get stuck in the middle of nowhere, but you won’t have to pay for as much fuel either. You can glide down to your destination in record time with still quite a few gallons in the tank!

To be as safe as possible, make sure you manually map out where the nearest petrol stations are too. Don’t just rely on your phone, as this could run out of battery.

Will you be camping at all?

If you’re going to stop off at a campground and pitch a tent, you’re going to need a vehicle big enough to pack all the essential items. You always need to be able to see out of the rear window, and if anything blocks that view after it’s been shoved in the boot, you’ll either need to rearrange or find an alternative vehicle.

A car with plenty of space in the back, such as a pickup or a spacious sedan, are two of the best choices for a combo road and camping trip. You’ll never have to worry about fitting everything whilst compromising your road safety.

You might drive into a muddy area

Another way to get stuck whilst road tripping, this is where a four or all wheel drive will come in handy. Muddy terrain can be rife up and down the UK, and if you’re driving outside of the summer season, you could run into a lot of muddy patches and large puddles. Don’t let the suspension of your vehicle hold you back!

If you’ve never driven all wheel before, you can get a bit of practice in before you go. You won’t really feel anything different on normal roads, but if you can get onto rougher terrain, you’ll notice it’s a lot easier to manoeuvre. The latter is the kind of handling you should get used to!

Headed out on a road trip? Don’t start it off on the wrong tyre. Taking the right vehicle with you is the best way to make the most of the time and distance you’ve got to cover. After all, you never know what terrain you’ll have to handle, whether you’ll need to camp at all during the trip, or if you’ll have a fight with the person you’re ‘tripping’ with. So make sure you’ve got plenty of space and good handling on the chassis before you even turn the engine on!

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