Wednesday 21 February 2024

Make money from your car – if you dare!

Let’s face it – this time of year often sees many people scraping the bottom of the barrel to cover the bills. If you regularly find yourself digging deep between the sofa cushions or checking vending machine change slots, you know you’ve got it tough. But if you’re looking for a little bit extra to see you through right now, why not use your car? There are plenty of ways you might earn a few bucks with your motor – but do you dare try these?

The full aroma

If you’re car-proud, then you’re probably not going to be keen to start working as a pizza delivery person. The stench of takeaways in your pride-and-joy is a big ask. But there is regular work in this area, you can stay local, and you can usually dip in and out to make the hours work for you. It might be worth investing in a good tray to avoid any spills getting on the seats. If it’s too late for that, then here are some great recipes for homemade upholstery cleaner As for the funky smell? Maybe a hanging air freshener isn’t quite enough. Try opening the window!

The full display

Would you be willing to place commercial advertisements on your vehicle? Before you jump up and order a decal, you might want to check your insurance. If you’re putting ads on your car, it might be classed as a commercial vehicle. If you don’t notify your insurance company, you might get in trouble!

You should also consider the type of ads you’re willing to place on your back end and sides. If you give up your vehicle to an agency, chances are you won’t have much say in what gets posted there. If you manage the placement yourself, you can approach local businesses you trust and help them develop a small ad that works. A logo and web address is usually enough. Be sure to check your local authority regulations for carrying advertising too.

The end of the relationship

Are you ready to hand over the keys to your car forever? Could you bear to part company after all these years? We all get quite attached to our motors. They become a part of us, like a trusted friend. If you’re desperate for a wallet top-up though, you might have to sell your car fast. The sell my car service you can find online will give you an immediate price for your vehicle. If you want to sell it for that price, you simply take it along to the center and fill out the paperwork.

The Uber Lyft

Not all places make this option possible, but joining a service like Uber or Lyft might be just the thing to start earning a little cash in your spare time. Of course, there will be expectations about the condition of your vehicle and your own personal charm. It’s pretty difficult to see how much you might be able to earn. You might not be keen just to try it out with no guarantees. However, if you love driving, and don’t mind complete strangers sitting in the back of your car, then why not give it a go? How might you make money from your car?

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