Friday 14 June 2024

4 Signs you need new tyres

You know when you get home after a long walk and your feet are sore and you can’t wait to pop your shoes off and put your feet up? Well, the tyres on your car take a beating every single time you drive. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a bad driver, it just means that the amount of pressure that the tyres are putting on the road can often be quite high.The last thing that you want is a tyre failure while you’re driving, because that can actually be catastrophic.

Your car could go out of control, you could end up stranded in the middle of nowhere, and you may end up in an even worse position than you think.Companies such as Melksham Tyre Supplies can help you when you need replacements, but it can help to know the signs your tyres need help before you get to that point. This way, you’ll be able to replace them with enough time before it’s too late. Let’s take a look at the signs you need new tyres below:

  1. Tread depth. If you regularly are driving on slick wet surfaces, you’ll make sure that you should be checking your tyres don’t fall below 116th of an inch in depth. You can buy a tire gauge to measure this, or you can ask the professional to do it for you. Take your car to a mechanic and inquire about getting a new set of tyres if you think that your tread depth is too thin. You have to realize the smoother your tyres, the more they will skid on the road.
  2. Tread Wear indicator bar. Newer tyres have a really good thing that old tyres lack. They have tread wear indicator bars built onto the tyres themselves, and these are barely visible. When the tyres are new, they gradually begin to appear as the tread starts to wear, and they will appear as flat rubber bars running perpendicular to the direction of the tree itself. It should be obvious in the wet tracks that your tyres leave after you drive through a puddle.
  3. You’re seeing cracks in the sidewall. Not all problems with tyres happen to be because of the tread. The sidewall of the tyres can also have some problems, especially if you notice tracks or cut to the side wall itself. Grooves that are distinct enough to be visible when you are looking at your tyres could be a sign that there is a leak or that your tire is going to blow out. The last thing you want is your tyres to blow out on you when you are on the road. If you notice that the cracks in the sidewall are looking pretty serious, then you need to make sure that you are getting your tyres upgraded as soon as possible.
  4. You notice that the bulges are blistering on the tyre. If the outer surface of the tyre has begun to weaken, you end up with a bulge or a blister that extends downward and outward from the rest of the surface. The best thing you can do is immediately stop driving your car. The weak spot can cause that sudden blowout that could be catastrophic on the road.

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