Friday 14 June 2024

4 Contact details all drivers need to keep to hand

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new driver or seasoned behind the wheel, there’s no guarantee you’ll go through life without getting involved in an accident. These accidents can range from minor fender benders to more severe collisions, and this is just one type of issue you could encounter on the road. Even if you’re a safe and careful driver, you never know what could happen when on the road, especially during a road trip in an unfamiliar part of the country. With that in mind, you need to keep some details with you at all times.

Roadside maintenance

Hopefully, you never get a flat tyre or your car randomly stops working. Unfortunately, it’s bound to happen to everyone at some point. Your first instinct might be to call a friend or relative to see if they can help, but it’s also worth speaking to a roadside maintenance company if you are sure the vehicle won’t move anytime soon.

You may already have an account with a roadside assistance company, but if not, you can find mobile tyre fitting for flat tyres in your local area. If you’re travelling somewhere new, you should make a quick list of the best-rated maintenance companies in the town or city, so you know you’re getting good service if you need to call them.

Your insurance company

Being involved in a car accident can be distressing even if it wasn’t anything too serious. There is also a lot to do in the immediate aftermath, including exchanging information and taking photos of the damage.

Besides, drivers should speak to their insurance company as soon as possible. This keeps the details fresh in their minds and means you can quickly pass on the information accurately. Furthermore, you may be waiting around for a while for other services, so you may as well pass the time by taking the next steps.

Emergency services

Hopefully, you’re never involved in a serious accident where you, your passenger or other drivers are hurt. Unfortunately, there could be a time when you are involved in a collision or accident. When this happens, you need to contact the emergency services as soon as possible.

If the accident occurs at home, you already know the number (999 for the UK, 911 for the U.S.), but if you’re traveling, note down the emergency services in that country so you can get treatment.

Non-emergency lines

While many car accidents or issues feel like emergencies, you may also encounter non-emergencies that still require you to call them in. These could include reporting reckless driving or contacting a lorry driver’s business to complain. You never know when you might need to make these calls, so having the non-emergency number could be useful.

Who to call?

Not all accidents or collisions require police presence or an ambulance, but it’s still worth checking in with your insurance company as soon as possible. The same goes for any roadside assistance, especially in a remote area, to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

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