Monday 4 December 2023

Genius campervan design hacks

If you are planning for a fun holiday and adventure this year, there are lots of ways you can make a splash and have a great time.

Rather than flying across the world to sit on the beach or the side of the pool this year, why not take a look at something a little more unique?

A campervan can be a great choice for a road trip with your family and it can be a wonderful way to have fun in your own country.

Today we are having a look at some ways that you can vamp up a campervan so that you can have the best trip ever.

Use sleek black colours

One of the first ways you can make a change to your campervan this year for a Bespoke Campervan Design, is to add black accents to the space.

Black is a colour which always brings an air of luxury to your space and it is a great colour to use when you want a modern design.

Wood and white

For a design which would be perfect for a trip to the beach, wooden tones and white mixed together can look beautiful.

Wooden tones make the space feel more in touch with nature and white helps bring a sense of light and space to the room. You can also hang some fairy lights to make it feel more magical.

Use plants

One of the accessories you can add into your campervan to make the design feel more special is plants.

Plants can be a great addition to any space and when you place a few plants on the walls of your campervan it will add a lovely colour and texture to the design.

Timeless colours

Sometimes the best option is the most simple of all, and timeless tones of white and grey mixed with coloured accents can be an understated way to bring your space to life.

Lots of wood

When creating a design which is close to nature, it is possible for you to use lots of wood to create a stunning looking space.

You can use oak, driftwood, cherry wood and other tones together in one space to make your home feel so much closer to nature.

Mix textures

A campervan is a small space often and when you are staying there for a holiday you will want it to feel cosy.

It is important for you to mix textures if you want the design to have depth and mixing plush with furry cushions and knitted blankets can be a great way to make the space stand out.

Use fun colours

Designing any space which will be your own can be fun, and by no means do you ever have to stick to the norm.

It is important for you to be able to bring fun colours and tones into a space to make it feel more personal and you can do this even in a small campervan for a great effect.

** This is a collaborative post.

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