Three benefits of getting a motorcycle

There’s just something special about motorcycles. They are a mainstay of popular culture, and such a prevalent fixture in the public imagination. Maybe it’s the associations with old school Americana. Or perhaps it’s something about the idea of living life a bit on the edge.

Motorcycles are, of course, notorious for the risks that come along with riding them. If you have an accident on a motorcycle, there’s little between you and the ground, or another vehicle.

But, what doesn’t get brought up so often are the benefits of motorcycles. There are several reasons why you might actually want to go out and buy one. And doing so might even make your life better.

Here are a few benefits of getting a motorcycle, that might push you over the edge and convince you to visit Mototechniks and make a purchase.

Zen and the art of motorcycle riding

The book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” is famous for, among other things, pointing out that working on a motorcycle can have serious benefits for your sense of inner harmony and focus.

But, it makes just as much sense to talk about Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Riding.

Riding a motorcycle just puts you in a different headspace than driving around in a car. You have to maintain your posture much more carefully, you can’t fidget too much and scratch your nose, and you can’t distract yourself by chatting to a passenger, or listening to the radio.

When you’re riding around on a motorcycle, it’s all you, the road, and the wind whipping by.

Riding a motorcycle can, therefore, be a lot like a form of meditation – and may do plenty of good for your sense of well-being.

Traffic and parking cease to be issues (almost)

Motorcycles can famously be manoeuvred much more easily and effectively than cars, in all sorts of different situations.

Who hasn’t felt pangs of jealousy at some point or another, when stuck in rush-hour traffic in their car, and watching motorcycles filter effortlessly through?

And, who hasn’t thought from time to time that it would be great to have a motorcycle for the sake of squeezing into the most miniature parking gaps that sometimes present themselves when a parking garage is otherwise completely filled up?

Motorcycles don’t exactly make traffic and parking concerns into things of the past – but they almost do.

It just feels cool

So, back to the first point made in this article – the image of classic Americana, and all that stuff.

A major part of the reason why people are drawn to motorcycles, and why they buy them, is because motorcycles just look and feel cool. Find a motorcycle owner who denies that their purchase was influenced by that fact, and you’ve found yourself a liar.

There’s a certain devil may care thrill that comes with hearing the sound of your engine starting up. And it’s difficult to go for a ride – even just down to the post office – without feeling at least a little bit like a born-to-be-wild rebel.

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