Car maintenance – 6 top tips

Proper car maintenance is necessary for many good reasons. It helps prevent and correct mechanical issues that can compromise your safety on the road. It also helps to keep the car operating at its best, making each drive smooth and comfortable.

You don’t need extensive technical or mechanical skills to maintain your car properly. Here are six easy tips to get you started:

1. Wash regularly

Dirt and dust particles can corrode and clog your car, spoiling its looks and compromising its engine’s performance. As such, wash your car regularly depending on how much dirt it accumulates on any given day. Don’t forget to wash the interior, too, but be gentle to avoid damaging the soft upholstery and electrical components.

2. Check the tyres regularly

Check the tyres regularly for wear. Worn tyres increase braking times, consequently increasing the risk of a collision. Uneven wear may also be an indication of misaligned wheels, loose breaks, and worn-out shock absorbers.

Additionally, check and properly maintain tyre pressure at all times. Running on the recommended tyre pressure will minimize wear and reduce gas consumption.

3. Keep the battery charged

Check your battery for signs or rusting or corrosion regularly. Additionally, keep it charged at all times to ensure that your car has the power it needs to start and run. It is advisable to use the recommended (or best) battery for your car. As such, source one from dealers such as R J Batteries for the best performance.

4. Replace the air filter regularly

The air filter keeps dirt particles from entering and clogging the engine. They eventually become clogged, limiting the amount of air the engine needs for combustion. As such, it is advisable to check and change the air filters regularly.

Cleaning also helps to get rid of the dirt particles, but it should be done gently to avoid damaging the air filter. Changing a car’s air filter is relatively easy and anyone can do it. Alternatively, you can have it done at your next car inspection.

5. Change the oil

You will also need to change the oil about as often as you do the air filter. The oil keeps the engine lubricated for the smooth movement of its parts of overall optimal performance.

As such, check the engine’s level regularly and top it up to the recommended level. Additionally, check to see whether it has changed colour or is contaminated and change it immediately – remember to use the recommended type of oil. Finally, check the other fluids servicing braked, steering, and transmission components.

6. Schedule regular inspections

The measures discussed above do help with car maintenance, but they don’t cover the majority of mechanical and technical issues. This is best left to the professionals. As such, schedule regular car inspections to get everything evaluated. Additionally, take your car for inspection and repair as soon as it develops mechanical and technical problems.

Drive carefully and ensure your safety on the road. Properly maintain your car to prevent any complications that would compromise your safety or the car’s performance.

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