How to pass your theory test first time

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Most people assume that passing the driving test is all about the practical side, and often neglect the theory aspect. This is just as important, and failing the theory test can result in more lessons, more time, and more personal investment. Conversely, if you take the theory test seriously and study for it intelligently, you will ace it first time and be on the open road before you know it.

Begin your studies early

When you think about your driving test you tend to think about the practical side of it more often. This is the part that requires the most skill and investment after all. But don’t forget to study for your theory as well, and remember to book theory test early.

Some people may not be used to formal study and have forgotten how to assimilate knowledge. Beginning early will allow you to get comfortable with your process and provide you with plenty of time to absorb the knowledge.

Prepare using internet resources

Traditionally books are used as learning resources for the driving theory test, while these are still effective sources of knowledge, the Internet provides different learning perspectives and experiences, particularly when it comes to practice.

The format of the driving theory test is multiple choice questions on a digital platform. While a book may give you opportunities to practice this, it won’t be quite as realistic or efficient as an Internet resource. Check Drivingtheorytest.com for mock tests and case studies.

Prepare using books

Internet resources are an excellent avenue for acquiring the skills and knowledge for the theory test, sometimes books have an advantage – especially if you are a visual learner or work best in specific locations. Some people also retain information better when using books.

The driving theory test has an official study and practice book for learners to use. While there is also a website, the book format allows you to read and practice on the go, perhaps on the bus on  your lunch break at work. Don’t forget to supplement the official book with extra material where necessary.

Communicate with your driving instructor

Don’t make the mistake of assuming your driving instructor is only there for the practical driving side of your lessons. Your instructor is an experienced driver and teacher who knows the theory as well as the maneuvers. Remember to test your knowledge of theory on your lessons.

If you want to make the most of your driving lessons it’s a good idea to study some of the theory before taking the lesson. This will allow you to reinforce some of the knowledge while out practising. It will also give you a chance to ask any questions you’re unsure about.

Familiarise yourself with the test

When studying for your theory test you will inevitably encounter the test’s format and methodology. The more you practice and learn the more you will attune yourself to this process and better you will become at answering the questions. This is very important and can affect the outcome of the test.

If you go into the test environment without previous experience of the format you might find you answer questions more slowly, or get stressed. Avoid this, and focus solely on your answers but practicing past papers under test conditions prior to your official theory test.

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