Thursday 18 July 2024

The rise of the motorhome

2021 has seen some winners and losers in the motoring world. Insurance companies have winced as insurance premiums have dipped following months of lockdowns. Yet, motor home dealers have been rubbing their hands as staycations have become more popular than ever.

Nationwide and worldwide travel bans have seen Brits redeploying their furlough from the yearly sun holiday into a Skeggy staycation. There has been an undocumented rise in the number of UK holidays undertaken by Brits in 2021, and this has sent UK holiday parks and hotel prices rocketing. Not to be deterred from the Great British getaway, more Brit’s than ever have been investing their holiday savings into a motor home, and why not?

Motorhomes are precisely that, a home away from home. They are the perfect vehicle to allow you to see beautiful Blighty without having to load and unload the cases into the overpriced holiday lodge.

Owning a motorhome gives you the freedom to holiday where you want when you want. You can explore Scotland’s infamous route 500 and take in the stunning highland scenery, meticulously plan a summer road trip on the Cornish coast or get up and go one weekend because the sun is shining.

Just ensure your motorhome is well maintained. Your motorhome will do considerable mileage in a short space of time and can spend a large amount of time sitting around. This isn’t ideal for motors, so be sure to keep them serviced and maintained to ensure your holiday remains as relaxed as possible.

You can kit your motorhome out with your creature comforts or latest mod-cons to make your holiday as personalised and comfortable as you want it to be. You’re never far from your next cuppa or your favourite pillow. You don’t have to cram your worldly belongings into a 15kg suitcase that goes through security and x-rays.

You can quite literally bring the kitchen sink with you on your motorhome holiday, along with anything else you might require. If you want the highest spec TV, Nespresso machine or king-sized bed, there’s only your budget to stop you. Whether you opt for a designer interior or not, don’t forget to insure your motorhome and its contents.

It may also be worth investing in additional security as holiday enthusiasts aren’t the only ones keen on motorhomes. Consider adding security features over and above factory fitted ones; not only will this keep your motorhome and belongings safe, but it will help to lower your insurance too.

Motor homes come in all shapes and sizes. Are you travelling as a family of four? No bother, there will be a motorhome to accommodate your needs. Just make sure you buy a motorhome with the requisite amount of seats. Teens lounging about in their bed as you drive is a no go. All passengers must be sat and belted up. It’s the law.

When it comes to a motorhome, the sky is the limit. You can choose the size, the shape, the interiors and holiday to suit you. While the UK staycation may have been responsible for the rise of the motorhome, the time will come when you can venture further afield and take your motorhome on the content and embark on a European road trip. And if you love it that much, you can always convert your holiday motorhome into your permanent home? Many others have.

** This is a collaborative post

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