A simple road trip checklist for your car

Are you wondering how to prepare your car for a road trip? Whether you are visiting family, headed for vacation or a work trip, your journey can be a memorable one with the right preparation. But how do you correctly prep your car?

A UK survey indicated that the average time spent on a car journey is 22 minutes, although public and other transports may take between 1.6 or 2.4 times more. While spending time selecting the best hostel and travel packages, an exciting trip starts from your car. Follow these five car checklists for a safe and enjoyable road trip free from unnecessary breakdowns.

Screenwash and windscreen wipers

It is not just frustrating but dangerous to drive with a dirty or messy windscreen. When going on long trips, it is easy for your screens to pick up dirt and dust, which is why you should ensure your wipers are properly working ahead of the trip.

Consider replacing if necessary and likewise ensure your screenwash is filled adequately to clear your windscreens of any dirt during the trip.

Check tyre pressures 

Maintaining the right tyre pressure is fundamental to ensuring that your vehicle brakes, clasps, and steers well. A single under or over-inflated tyre can significantly impact how your car feels and moves. While modern vehicles are equipped with features to monitor and alert you of any changes in your tyre pressure, a simple pressure gauge can effectively perform this check before you set off. The right tyre pressure is indicated in your vehicle’s handbook kept inside the driver’s door compartment. The correct tyre pressure ensures fuel economy while avoiding blowout caused by extra friction.

Oil up appropriately

Fueling up on the right oil is an essential checklist item you should perform all year, especially before a long trip. However, higher temperatures require much thicker oil weight to perform satisfactorily. Unlike older vehicles with so much mileage, normal oil viscosity is okay for the latest cars. It is best to fill up with a thicker oil if your vehicle engine has accrued much engine wear. Yet before the oil switch, conduct adequate research on your vehicle’s make or model to ensure it performs well even during the summer.

Prepare an emergency kit

This is often disregarded by most drivers. Making necessary arrangements for supplies such as flashlights, jumper cables, paper road maps, and flashlights is recommended either for long or short trips. An emergency kit prepares you for any contingency. Likewise have a medical first-aid kit; there is nothing like over-preparation when it comes to safety.

Complete performance review

As the final checklist item, engage a certified car technician to run a complete performance assessment on your car. For road trips, every part of your vehicle is essential for a fulfilling road experience. What may seem minor can ruin your entire trip. Ensure to have your spark plugs, air filters, oil and battery levels checked before the journey.

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