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Top tips for safe long distance driving

When you are getting ready to drive long distance, you might approach it just like your typical commute. But actually, that long drive can take it out of you more than you might think. For most people, the first time they take a long drive is a road trip. So, in order to avoid highway hypnosis and have an enjoyable and safe drive, here are some tips for you.

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In the run-up to a long drive, we often have packing and preparation to do. Meaning we don’t get the right amount of sleep to stay alert for as long as we need to. You need to have 7 or more hours for two days or more in a row before you should do any long distance driving. If you have planned in very regular stops, then you have a little leeway here.

For the most part, though, get as much sleep as you can. And don’t get into the car if you find yourself yawning with tired eyes – even if that goes against your plans.


You might think you won’t get dehydrated on a long car ride, but you’re wrong. Many people skip the extra water so that they don’t have to stop as often for the bathroom. However, keeping yourself topped up will keep you alert and focused throughout your journey.


The right person sitting in the front seat can make all of the difference. If you have a passenger that has a tendency to fall asleep quickly, then you are going to be left with a lot of time to fill up by yourself.

If you have kids in the car, then have a few in-car games that you can play with them to stop any bickering that might happen.

If you can, then have the most chatty, alert person in your family as your passenger.


You can create your own playlists, rather than rely on the radio. When you are on a high-speed road, the last thing you need is the radio to be flickering in and out, and your passenger asleep.

Creating your own playlist, for as many hours as you will be driving will help to avoid that situation. Try to stick to upbeat music, rather than music that you find relaxing.


Bringing your own snacks is good for a couple of reasons. Stops along the way can be pretty expensive, and when you are buying coffee, a sandwich is a hot food every few hundred miles it really can add up. Rather than packing things like potato chips or chocolate – opt for things that are naturally energy-packed like nuts, dried fruit, and even something lightly spicy to keep things interesting.

If you start to feel in a ‘trance’ or sleepy, then pull over at the next rest stop and recharge. If you’re going long distance, you want to arrive feeling fresh.

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