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Here are 6 awesome road trip games

Road trips sound great, in theory. The idea of hitting the open road, being free and having picnics in scenic locations is something that appeals to many of us. As do the ideas of saving money on travel and having your car with you when you reach your destination. However, when it comes to practice, they aren’t always as fun as you expected.

A few hours into a road trip (or minutes if you are traveling with children!) and you’re bored, tired and suffering from a very numb bum. Some people can read a book, doze off to sleep or spend the entire trip pigging out on snacks. But for drivers and those with a disposition to travel sickness, these aren’t always options. Instead, you need to find ways to take your mind off the fact that you are stuck in a little box, with people you don’t like quite as much as you did when the journey started. Now affordable car hire is so readily available; it’s a situation many of us find ourselves in.

That’s where road trip games come in! Adults often make the mistake of forgetting how much fun simple car games can be. Here’s a look at six of the best to make your next road trip more fun.

Eye spy

Eye spy is the classic road trip game and the one that everyone knows. When you are playing with kids, you have to make things a little more obvious. But, if it’s an adult only trip, why not get a little existential?

While you were sleeping

If you’ve got a particularly sleepy passenger, while you were sleeping can be amazingly good fun and a great way to use your brain and keep you alert. Once someone has fallen asleep, the remaining passengers start to make up a story of what happened while they were sleeping. Taking it in turns to add further details and events to the story, trying to remember everything that came before.

Then, when sleepy head wakes up, you all have to recount your story, trying to make them believe it’s all true.

21 questions

Like eye spy, 21 questions is an easy game that anyone can play. One passenger thinks of something; the rest get 21 questions to try and guess what it is.

The singing game

If you are travelling with one of those annoying car singers (mom again) make things more interesting with the singing game. One person starts singing a song, then the next has to link it to another song using the lyrics, so it all joins up. Keep playing until someone gets stuck.

The movie game

The movie games another easy one, and you don’t need to be a film buff to play. The first player names an actor. The following player has to name a film they’ve starred in. Then the next player has to name someone else that was in that film. This could easily pass hours.

The local food master

This one doesn’t pass much time while you are in the car, but can be excellent fun on a long journey. At every stop, all members of your party must find a local snack to take back to the car. The snack has to be either produced in that area or something really specific to that location.

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