Wednesday 22 May 2024

The four greatest annoyances you’ll face whilst driving

Before you start driving, people will always tell you how great it is to have a car. Sure, it gives you greater independence, it can be fun to drive, and it looks cool. But at the same time, there are plenty of occasions operating your car will just drive you up the wall.

Driving isn’t all fun and freedom. There’s plenty of times your car will drive you crazy. That’s thanks to plenty of annoyances the dealers never warn you about! Even on your daily commutes, you’ll run into some of these. Here are some of the biggest annoyances for drivers.

Traffic Jams

Getting out onto the road in your brand new car makes you feel independent and free. At least for about five minutes. Then you reach an intersection and get stuck behind a queue of drivers honking their horns.

There are a few ways to avoid it. Obviously, your route matters. Taking the road less traveled will always give you a less annoying ride. You can also try to avoid busy road hours. But when you have to set off to work in the morning, chances are you’ll be in a traffic jam either way.

Don’t let it drive up your stress levels, though. Try to chill out behind the wheel, even in these frustrating situations!

Extra Costs

It isn’t just car dealers who drive a hard bargain. Your car will likely be expensive. But even after you deal with that, there are various other costs to deal with. You’ll have to pay to replenish your fuel all the time. There are other things you hope you don’t have to deal with, but you will eventually.

Everyone will have a breakdown or need a repair at some time. The good news is there are plenty of services, such as Mick’s Automotive, which will help you out in these situations. The bad news is it’ll still cost a little. It helps to have your car regularly serviced by a trusted mechanic to avoid problems developing.

You’ll also have to deal with insurance costs. You may also get a fine if you go above or below the speed limit. If you’re extra unlucky, you might even get a ticket for parking in the wrong zone. Make sure you avoid these!

Inconsiderate Drivers

For most of us, the biggest annoyance when out on the road is the other people on them. Why can’t they drive as safely and intelligently as us, right? There are plenty of annoying driving habits people have that can set you off.

One of the most annoying things is those who don’t use their turn signals. How are you meant to know if a driver’s about to cross you if they don’t use their signals? Make sure you don’t flutter in between lanes or merge slowly, either. No one likes those people.


Soaring down a scenic country lane at top speed is thrilling. But in reality, most of us don’t get to do that. Instead, we have to shuffle through loud and busy concrete streets daily.

Boredom while driving can be a real annoyance. Especially during long drives. Make sure you get some streaming apps to liven up those boring drives. It’s not just your favorite tunes you can play. Audiobooks, stand-up comedy, and podcasts can all keep you entertained while you drive.

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