Career options in the automotive industry

Many motor enthusiasts love everything to do with cars, however, sometimes it goes beyond driving and owning a car or bike, they want to enjoy a career indulging in their passions. However, it is easy to indulge in a career in the automotive industry, and so with that in mind, here are some of the best options that you could consider.

Fixing them

Some people will find themselves curious to know how things work. From an early age, you may have been intrigued by your toys, or wondering what it is you want to do and how to fix things. This can be the same for your profession and when it comes to automotive careers, the biggest area you could find a job in happens to be fixing cars.

Becoming a motor mechanic will require you to think about the courses and skills you need. Not all cars are the same, so you may also need to specialise in different types of engines and manufacturers. With the advancements in technology and the introduction of autonomous and electric vehicles, this may also be any are where you need to learn additional skills.

Selling them

There is one area that you can specialise in and doesn’t necessarily need any help in terms of college degrees and courses and that is selling cars. If you have a gift for the chat, are good at sales and recognising customers needs and expectations then you could have a very lucrative career selling cars.

This profession tends to focus on commission and bonuses, so a level of skill in sales will often be the contender when it comes to your success. There are many dealerships who will start you off in the sales team, but then you may work your way up to manager level and beyond. The options are endless.

Restoring them

Perhaps you have a real interest in older cars, the mechanics of them and their looks. These days modern cars are taking over the roads, with some even being powered electrically. We could even see cars driving themselves in the future.

But the restoration of older and classic cars is still a big interest for many and could be a career that you go into. You can acquire an older can that needs body work and mechanical repair, restore it, and then sell it on to make your money. It might be more of a business option but could be one to consider.

Repairing bodywork

Finally, maybe you want to focus your skills on repairing cars externally rather than internally and through the engine. People have accidents all the time in their cars, damage can be done even when they are parked up.

Dents and scratches do need to be dealt with quickly to avoid further issues with rust and bodywork damage. This is when a career in a Bodyshop where you learn about painting cars and repairing dents and scratches could become very useful.

Let’s hope that this has given you some ideas and inspiration for the automotive careers that you could consider.

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