Wednesday 21 February 2024

What does your car mean to you

What does your car mean to you? It’s an honest question. If your answer is “transportation” or “how I get from A to B”, there’s a good chance that you’re not getting the most out of your vehicle.

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a brand new shiny speed demon equipped with all the latest bells and whistles or the trusty steed that’s been with you since you first passed your driving test, we all have an emotional and psychological attachment to our vehicles.

But your car could be so much more to you than just a means of getting about. The humble motor vehicle is a multifaceted tool that can help you to overcome the trials and tribulations of modern living. Your car may be just a means of travel to you… But there’s so much more that it could be!

A meditation aid

Modern living is tough and stressful. Juggling the responsibilities of work, family and something that vaguely resembles a social life can be trying for the best of us. If we let the stresses, upsets and frustrations of the day pile up they can accumulate with various ill effects on our physical and psychological health.

This is why everyone should meditate. While many of us would feel silly or self conscious sitting cross legged on a cushion, we do admit to feeling a zen-like state of calm when behind the wheel. If you want to practice mindfulness meditation, behind the wheel of your car is a great place to start. It will also make you a better and safer driver!


We all have unexpected expenses from time to time, whether it’s a replacement camshaft or a leaky roof. Sometimes our savings aren’t quite enough to mitigate them and we need a helping hand.

But if our credit is less than stellar and we don’t own our own property getting a loan is tricky… or so we may think. Fortunately, your car can help you here, too. Logbook loans allow you to secure credit against your car. Of course, you can still drive your car as usual but you won’t be able to replace or sell it until the balance is cleared.

A side hustle

If your job pays you enough to get by but you want a little more for yourself, your car could be the path to the perfect side hustle.

Those who enjoy driving can make good money in their free time as an Uber driver or delivering packages and even fast food. In the sharing economy there are no shortages of ways in which you can make money from your car. Just be wary of using diesel cars for these purposes. Lots of short stops can lead to excessive wear and clogging to your DPF filter.

Your happy place

If you regularly find yourself stressed out by your busy morning commute through rush hour traffic, perhaps it’s time you transformed your car into your happy place.

Plug in a car freshener with a relaxing scent, clear away clutter and mess and keep your favourite music or podcasts playing throughout your commute. Don’t think of it as a grinding chore, think of it as a little time spent in your personal happy place before your work day begins.

Your car can be many things to you… It’s simply a matter of perspective!

** This is a collaborative post

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