Tips for the first time car buyer

If you have just passed your driving test, you will no doubt be itching to get yourself behind the wheel of your very first car. It is an exciting time, and getting your first motor will allow you to enjoy the freedom to go anywhere whenever you want. You will also be able to apply for jobs further afield and that could help you with your career.

Picking your first car is a big decision and you will want to make sure that you get it right. There are many things that you need to factor in which may affect the decision that you make. Here are something that you need to consider when you are a first-time car buyer.

Decide on new or used

Picking between buying new, or used from either a dealer or a private seller is important. The difference in cost between the three options will be quite considerable, and your decision here will largely be influenced by your budget and how you will choose to pay for your vehicle.

Buying new may be a good option if you can get the right finance option. Sometimes getting on a PCP or a PCH type of agreement will allow you access to vehicles that would normally be out of your price range. Check out how these financial arrangements work though, as may not own the vehicle at the end of the agreement.

Used cars will help reduce the price. Often a car that is only a few years old will be drastically cheaper than the same model straight off the forecourt.  If you are buying from a dealer you may still be able to get finance on the car.

A dealer such as Stephen James may offer both used and new cars which will give you the flexibility to look at both options in one place.

Buying from a private seller will usually mean you get the vehicle cheaper, however, you will need to pay in full when you take it. You may also be able to persuade a seller to drop the price.

Insurance costs

Check out the insurance costs of any vehicle that you are interested in buying. Often, this can be a huge stumbling block particularly if you are a younger driver.

Think about having telematics devices fitted to the car. Allowing the insurance company to monitor your driving can reduce your insurance premium considerably.

Find out about running costs

Insurance is not the only running cost you will need to think about. Fuel consumption is also something that will need consideration. Find out what the car you are interested in is like when it comes to petrol or diesel prices.

Spare parts should also be something that you should think of. Brakes and tires need replacing often, and other parts may go. Some makes and models are more accessible in terms of spares, while others may be quite costly. Pick a car that has readily available generic spares available.

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