Choosing the right racing wheels

Enkei has rightfully earned a fantastic reputation in the world of wheels. They are one of the most respected Japanese manufacturers and their products are always associated with high levels of quality.

Their wheels are not only suited to Japanese cars. A lot of their wheels can actually also be fitted to German and American vehicles too. One of their ranges that have gained a lot of attention is the Enkei PF01 wheels. This is a light-racing wheel line and this article will tell you all you need to know about it.

If you look to buy Enkei PF01 wheels online then you will notice that you have several different options at your disposal. You can select between different size wheels and various colours as well.

When it comes to size you have the option to purchase 15-inch wheels, 16-inch wheels, 17-inch wheels and 18-inch wheels. When it comes to colour you have two options at your disposal. These are as follows; silver or matte black.

Feel the benefits

There are many reasons why people purchase lightweight wheels. You will notice improvements when it comes to the efficiency of your vehicle’s braking. You will also note that you can accelerate a lot quicker than you would have been able to before. In fact, some individuals even notice an improvement with regard to their fuel economy.

Light-wheel racing taken to the next level

That is what the Enkei PF01 has been designed to do; set new standards when it comes to light-wheel racing, which can take both new and used cars to the next level. Many would be in agreement that this wheel line has certainly achieved that.

All you need to do is look at the light and sporty design of the wheels themselves to see that this is the case. This is represented by the split five-spoke which boasts subtle edges on the sides of each spoke. This feature is credited with adding a unique dimensional accent to the design of the wheels.

Unique roulette pattern

Another unique feature of the Enkei PF01 wheel line is the roulette pattern. The purpose of this pattern being grooved on the rim is to diminish the ratio of slippage experienced between the rim and the actual tire.

This is a feature that has gained a lot of attention and is one of the key ingredients in the success of the Enkei PF01 wheel range. After all, it allows the optimum level of performance to be achieved in instances whereby extreme acceleration and deceleration are evident – which tends to be the norm in any racing conditions.

This is quite simply because the roulette groves allow the condition of the wheel and tire assembly to be maintained. And, if this wasn’t enough to convince you about the success of this feature then all you need to do is look to the sport of Formula One whereby winning teams McLaren and Mercedes use the roulette pattern on their wheels.

The benefits can be widely felt

And finally, one of the main benefits regarding the Enkei PF01 wheel line is the fact that there is a wide application for this product. This has resulted from the fact that there has been a high level of demand for this type of wheel. The wheel manufacturer responded and now applications range from 18 x 10.5 to the likes of 15 x 8.

So there you have it; the benefits associated with the Enkei PF01 wheel range are there for all to see. You will struggle to find a better type of light-weight racing wheel available on the market today.

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