Remember these rules if you ever break down

Whether you are buying a car for the first time or you’ve been around the block a few times, nobody can escape that frustration of a car breaking down. A break down, especially from the perspective of a new driver, there can be that sense of panic. But let’s provide some crucial points to make sure that, if you are ever in this position, you do it safely and don’t feel so stressed about it.

Stop in a safe place

When there’s strange noises or vibrations or even smoke coming from the engine, be sure to slow down and find somewhere safe to park straight away. When you are somewhere like a motorway and you’re not able to get to an exit you may have to pull over onto the hard shoulder.

Make sure that the wheels are turning to the left when you park up and exit from the passenger side. At this point, you should get everybody out from the passenger side of the vehicle and stay as far away from the car as possible.

Sometimes the issue is more straightforward if it’s a problem with a tyre. In this instance, it’s always worth having a spare tyre or tyre repair kit in the vehicle. The Space Saver spare wheel kit is one of many out there that you can purchase. But you’ve got to make sure that when you’ve stopped in a safe place and you are attempting to fix the vehicle that your safety isn’t compromised.

Preparation for a break down Is The Best Course Of Action

It’s always best to be prepared. The older your car, the more likely a break down can be. And there is no rhyme or reason as to when your car could break down. It could be in the bleak midwinter or in the middle of the night. This means that having important items on you can help in the situation.

When you’re planning a long journey it’s important to have items like reflective clothing and gloves, and also have spare batteries, a torch, as well as jump leads. Preparing for a breakdown isn’t just about the components of the car, but it’s about yourself as well!

As well as this, preparing for vehicle breakdown is about adequate maintenance. Ensuring that you maintain your vehicle on a regular basis by topping up the oil and the water levels, as well as checking the pressure of your tyres, gives you a far better chance if you’re put in that situation.

Calling For Assistance

When you’re on the motorway there are SOS phones located every mile but you can also use your mobile to call for breakdown assistance. Companies like the RAC can still give you support even though you’re not a member. Roadside recovery is one of those things that you should have on your car insurance especially if you make long journeys.

Don’t Panic!

When we break down it can be a very stressful thing, especially if there are others in the car, but the best thing we can do at this point is to remain as calm as humanly possible. When every light on the dashboard is flashing and everybody is panicking in the vehicle, do what you can to get the car off the road as safely as possible. Put your hazard lights on so everybody will know!

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