Tuesday 21 May 2024

Business banger: putting together a professional vehicle

Most types of business can benefit from having some sort of dedicated vehicle. Whether this is simply to keep up appearances at meetings or to help with your day to day work, maintaining a professional feel is very important. Like the other parts of your business, you will always be competing with other companies when it comes to this sort of area, making it hard to look good if you don’t put the right effort into it. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the stages you will go through when choosing a vehicle like this.

The importance of new

It will look sloppy if your driving around in something which is more than a few years old. Unless you’re using something classic or vintage, having a second hand motor will ruin your professional appeal, and this is a blow you simply don’t have to take. Instead, you can avoid buying your vehicles altogether, instead using leases to get your hands on new Vauxhall vans and other business-ready options. Of course, it’s worth shopping around with schemes like this, as deals will vary wildly.

Choosing your vehicle

Once you have an idea of how you will be getting your hands on it, you will be ready to choose the vehicle itself. This should always be based on your use for it, with vans being great for moving goods, and cars being much better at moving people. Generally, the larger you go, the more expensive your vehicle will be, but this can be offset by looking for a cheaper manufacturer if prices don’t work for you.

Covering the legals

Making sure that you business auto is correctly insured is crucial. Thankfully, on most lease programs, you will have access to coverage like this as part of the deal. This means you simply don’t have to worry, and will be able to look into additional cover if you have to carry high value goods. The amount of drivers using the car or van will impact the legal documents covering it.

Branding it up

Of course, there isn’t much point in investing in a special vehicle for your business if you’re not going to use it as a rolling billboard. To better retain the value of the machine, though, while also sticking to the lease agreement, using magnetic signs can be the best option. Sites like VistaPrint can make these very cheaply for you, and it only takes a digital version of your logo to get started.

Hopefully, with all of this in mind, it will be a lot easier to start putting together a professional set of wheels for your business. A lot of companies neglect this sort of work, instead choosing to use their personal vehicles or old ones which are well past their prime. Price isn’t often an issue here, though, and the only reason to stick with your old motor is sentiment. Avoiding this is well worth it, even if it means changing your machines every few years.

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