Wednesday 17 July 2024

Why “get on your bike” could be the best insult you hear all day

Is the best part of your day putting all your gear on, getting a bit of Sweet Home Alabama on the radio and jumping on your motorbike? The wind whistling through your hair as you turn right onto the open freeway and go all gung ho. A pleasure matched by no other.

For all those jealous people out there reading this and wanting to get involved, why not jump on the bandwagon (or motorcycle)? Cheap bikes can be found if you scout around. Just remember to test them before you buy them. There’s nothing worse than a dodgy bike and the seller laughing uncontrollably as he fobs you off with an absolute dud. Check its past history and get all the necessary documents before you take it for a test drive to make sure you are compatible with each other and can be the best of friends for the foreseeable future. Before you zoom off into the sunset however with Born To Be Wild rocking your sound system, there’s the important safety gear you need to take control of. Protection is key especially on a speedy mode of transport like the motorbike. You may not look like that motorcyclist you see in the movies but you’ll be safe from that rush of 5 o’clock traffic that you always dread. Helmets, bike jackets and trousers with knee and elbow pads, footwear and gloves are a necessity. You can get reviews of all different brands of gear through websites like Bikers’ Basics.

So you’re ready to go are you? Get up on your bike. My, it feels good right? You feel like you’re worth a million dollars. Just remember to get your sitting position sorted. It’s unsafe to try and arrange your stance on your bike whilst you’re zooming up the road so it’s better to get it sorted now. If your position is not perfect for you, then you could be struck by severe back pain which could stop you cycling before you begin. Also are the handlebars in reaching distance for you? You checked this before you bought it but it’s best to check again isn’t it? Better to be safe than sorry. Furthermore, alter your mirrors so you can see all around you. The last thing you need to do is to check your tyres. Pump them up if you’re unsure about them. If all this is good and checked thoroughly, then you’re ready to go.

How fun was that? Exhilarating right? You’ve stopped for a well earned cup of coffee at the side of the road. Now you’re the owner of a flash, new motorbike, you need to be extra responsible for it. Treat yourself to a reputable, first hand lock or chain, tie it to something connected to the hard ground and check from time to time that your bike remains safe. You’ve waited for this moment your whole life. Don’t let it get taken away from you.

** This is a collaborative post

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