DIY tricks for removing dents from your car

You spent a lot of time and money buying your car, so it’s incredibly frustrating when you find some dents in it. You’ve driven as carefully as possible, but there are all sorts of reasons a dent can form. Other drivers might bump into you while you’re parked, or you might be unlucky and have something fall from a tree onto your bonnet.

It doesn’t really matter how the dent was formed, what matters is that you get rid of it. As just mentioned, buying a car is a costly process, so the last thing you want to do is fork out more money on repairs. Thankfully, for superficial dents, there are some DIY tricks you can use to get rid of them at home, saving an absolute fortune.

Here are three methods to try:

The plunger method

You probably have a plunger at home in case of toilet mishaps, and it can be very handy at getting out small dents in your car. This works best on dents on the sides of your car, and the technique is so simple.

Get your plunger, wet it slightly, then stick it to your car. Let it naturally adhere itself, then pull back and try to pop the dent out. You might need to give it a few tries before you get the hang of it, but it should work. If it doesn’t, try one of the other methods.

The glue gun method

For this trick, you need a glue gun and a long hammer. It works really well on quite deep dents, due to the force you’re able to contract when pulling the hammer. Firstly, you can get glue guns from places like Glue Guns Direct, and you need to apply hot glue to the bottom of the hammer.

Then, you stick the hammer to the dent, waiting for the glue to cool down. Once this has happened, you’ve basically glued the hammer to your car. Now, pull back on the hammer to pop the dent out with force.

There is one word of caution with this method, there’s a slim chance it can take some paint away. It rarely happens, but keep this in mind if your car is fairly new.

The hair dryer method

Lastly, we’ll end with a bit of science!

The hair dryer method uses hot air from a hairdryer and cold air from a compressed air can. These are the only two tools you need! You start by turning your hairdryer as hot as it can go and blowing it on the dented area.

This heats up the material and gets it to expand. From here, you get a can of compressed air and blow it on the hot dent, causing the material to contract. By some scientific magic, this will make the dent pop out all by itself!

Now, this is the lowest-risk method, but it’s also the least reliable and only works on some dents, so keep that in mind.

Regardless, you’ve got three DIY ideas here to help you remove dents from your car without paying for a mechanic to do so. You can also get dent removal kits, but they’re often more expensive than the tools you need for these ideas. Plus, a lot of you will have everything you need already, so you can pop out a dent for free!

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