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Keeping your car safe on the road

When it comes to your vehicle it is always safety first and there is no better way to ensure the safety of your vehicle than to keep it well maintained and serviced. Having your car serviced and regularly maintained will ensure safer driving conditions for you and other road users. To ensure your safety on the road here are some essential tips for keeping your car in good working order.

Tyres tyres tyres

Tyre tread – the legal limit for a tyre tread is 1.6mm. The legal limit is there for a reason; anything less than that is dangerous.  You can use a tread gauge to check your tread, it takes seconds.

Also, if you are stopped and your tyres are found to be under the legal tread limit you could receive three points on your license and up to a £2,500 fine. Per tyre. That is a lot of Christmas presents gone; so it’s just not worth the risk.

Tyre pressure – your car handbook will tell you what the correct tyre pressure for your car should be. For an accurate reading make sure you take the pressure when the tyres are cold.

If the pressure is too high then it could result in poor vehicle handling, which coupled with ice-covered or wet roads could be incredibly dangerous. If the pressure is too low it can result in using more fuel, another big no-no for motorists.


A regular service will check your oil, your brake discs and pads, lights, exhausts, car battery, tyres, and so on. It is a full health check for a car that covers more than an MOT. It will also help to sell your car in the long run if it has a full-service history.

Cars require service at different times so check your manufacturer’s guide as to when your car should be serviced. A regular service will also help expand the life of your car, so be sure to get it serviced.

Oil and Water.  Oil, the blood of the car, as it can be known. Check it regularly i.e. every 3000 – 3500 miles and especially before long drives. Without it, your car will not work and it will probably require a very expensive fix if it can be fixed at all.

Water is just as important as it helps to keep your car cool, without which it will overheat and you guessed, not work. Driving with an overheating engine is incredibly dangerous and will cause extensive damage to your car, possibly irreparably.

How to know when to get new car brakes.

Your brakes. Your brakes are so important. Never leave brakes, discs, and pads until they are totally worn. It is not safe and will only do more damage to your car, ergo costing you more. A regular service will help indicate when your brakes/discs/pads need to be replaced.

If it is advised they should be replaced, replace them, don’t put it off. Having your car and/or brakes serviced may be something a professional will need to do for you. It is an important job that you don’t wish to get wrong if you are not particularly au fait with motor mechanics.

The importance of keeping your car in sound working order cannot be underestimated. Cars with faulty brakes or illegal tyres can ultimately pose a danger on the roads to you and others. Not to mention, land you in hot water with the law. Taking the time to ensure your car is safe and well maintained is something that should never put off.

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