Friday 12 July 2024

Five simple ways to keep an old car looking new

If you’ve ever tried to buy a car, then you’ll understand the struggles we go through to afford it. From insurance costs to road tax and petrol, cars can quickly add up in price and make a huge dent in our wallet. However, there’s not much we can do and we simply have to focus on trying to keep costs low and maintain our cars properly so that we don’t end up buying a replacement prematurely. To help you keep your old car looking and feeling new, here are a couple of useful tips.

1. Give it a deep clean

The first thing to do is give your car a deep clean. Don’t hold anything back with this. Make sure you bring out the vacuum cleaner and get deep into the crevices of the chairs. Pull out the floor mats and give them a good wash, clean the windows and all the lenses you can, and don’t forget to leave the doors open for a while and let some fresh air in to blow out all the dust and nasty smells that are lingering in your vehicle. You could always take your vehicle to a hand car wash service if you prefer, but it’s best to do the cleaning yourself in order to save money. If you’re cleaning the exteriors of your car yourself, make sure to use quality products that are specially designed for cleaning cars. Something like Auto Finesse Snow Foam will do the job perfectly!

2. Upgrade the electronics

One of the reasons why people like to buy new cars is because all of the technology is updated. If you take your car to a car servicing garage, they might offer you services to give your in-car electronics a little update. Be it tools to make integrating your phone easier or extra appliances to make driving a little more fun and safe, upgrading your electronics is always worth the added cost and extra time.

3. Give it a paint job

Painting your car can give it a whole new look, but don’t expect to get some paint from the local DIY store and start brushing over your vehicle. Replacing the paint takes a long time especially if you want a fancy design or glossy finish. Take your vehicle to a local mechanic or garage if you want a professional job done, but don’t neglect the final cost of giving your car a new coat of paint.

4. Replace the wheels

If you aren’t already replacing the wheels on a regular basis, then you may want to rethink your car maintenance strategy. The wheels are an integral part of any vehicle and with frequent use, the tires can easily get worn out and lose traction. The last thing you want is for your vehicle to slide around or be too low to the ground, so take some time to replace the wheels or speak with a more knowledgeable friend to determine if they need to be swapped out.

5. Exchange worn accessories

Whether it’s damaged seat covers or torn floor mats, replace everything in your vehicle that looks old and worn out. It will make your car look surprisingly new for such a cheap investment and little effort.

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