Thursday 18 July 2024

How to own the car of your dreams

If you think about the car of your dreams, what car comes to mind? For some people it will be the most out of this world car. More pertinently, one they will simply never be able to afford. For others, it’s cars that don’t even exist yet.

For the most part, we can only dream. Sometimes money really is an object in life, and cars definitely do prove this. You see rappers on their music videos surrounded by cars worth millions. Whereas the average Joe is surrounded by cars worth thousands, and only one of them is theirs!

Time to accept the fact that you’re probably never going to be this multi-millionaire. Without having money to burn on things like cars, you start to think realistically. What car would be the car of your dreams, that you could actually drive away in a few months time? The one you would get from a normal dealership, and would easily get insured on by every insurance company.

Sounds pretty sensible, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. You can get an average car, and customise it until it can’t be customised any more. The result of which being such a quick and sleek car, that all heads will turn. So, how can you turn an average car in to the car of your dreams?

Think within your price range

So, we’ve spoken about how you might never be able to actually own a car that costs millions and will make all other drivers stare, but what you can do is think about what is in your price range. If you think about it, there’s always a best car within that range.

So, there’s a best mid-priced 4×4, a best hatchback etc. Just because it might not be best in the world, it can still be the best of the bunch. We know that most of you will be thinking about buying mid range cars. Therefore let’s talk about them.

For a hatchback, which is what most of you might have, think about the new Ford Fiesta range. Ford really does make bold moves when they change the shape of their cars entirely. The new Fiesta is one of their more bolder changes. The new shape was hard to get used to, but now it has really grown on us. The best of their new range is definitely the new Ford Fiesta ST.

It looks completely different to the previous model, but it still packs an almighty punch. The design is sleek and smooth, and so many things have been improved inside. Finally, they have got rid of their button overload, there’s a nice clear screen, and it just generally looks more sporty. Definitely something to be envied on the road, especially as it comes with such a clean and quick engine.

Think of what you want to do to the car

So, you’ve thought about a car that is well within your price range. Now you need to think about what you’re going to want to do to your car. If you want it to be the car of your dreams, there are always little modifications you can make to take it that one step further.

The first thing you can do isn’t going to be dramatic. Nevertheless, it is going to be more special to you. If you don’t have one at the minute, you’ve probably just thought about getting one, but haven’t looked into it before. We’re talking about a personalised car reg.

It’s a way of adding a bit of jazz to your car that it might be lacking at the minute. A way of making you feel like your car is actually yours. It’s no secret that a personal registration plate can be a hit to the wallet, but if you go through companies such as carreg, you should be able to find a good deal for you.

The best thing is, it’s pretty much a one-off payment. All you’ll have to do is pay a nominal fee to have the reg taken off your car when you sell it!

Now we want to talk about a change that could improve the performance of your car, because we know that’s what a lot of you will be interested in. So, focusing on the suspension is one we really like to talk about. It’s not often that you’ll find a normal everyday car that has good suspension.

So, do a bit of research, find one that can be fitted to your car, and watch the comfort of your drive improve. If you have a hot hatchback, you could couple this with having your car lowered. The aesthetics of the car look so much better when it is lower to the ground, rather than having that terrible gap in between the wheel and the arch of the car.

What are you using it for?

When thinking about what the car of your dreams might be, you have to think what you’re going to use it for. If you’re a family man, you’re obviously not going to try and purchase the next best sports car, it just won’t be suitable.

But, who’s to say you can’t set your sights on one of the new Jaguar E-Pace. It has everything you could want for a family car. Safety, room, and comfort during a journey. But what is also has is that kickass engine that will leave you glued to the back of your seat if you put your foot down. So you see, just because you’re having a few moment of sadness because you can’t have that flashy small sports car, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a family sports car that really does pack a punch.

So, after reading this has the car of your dreams changed? Or have you just realised you might be thinking down the wrong line, and the car of your dreams is a little different than you first thought?

** This is a collaborative post

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