Tuesday 21 May 2024

5 signs your car is in trouble

We all grow pretty attached to our cars (even if they’re sometimes more hassle than they’re worth), and few things can put the fear of God into us (and our wallets) faster than the realisation our car might not be long for this world. Still, there are some obvious signs that we’re able to look out for, ones that do offer us a chance to get our vehicles fixed before they go to the great car junkyard of the sky.

Sitting still, looking pretty?

From time to time, our cars and the driving on the roads gets to us so much that we leave our vehicle sitting in our driveway, waiting for us to get over the trials and tribulations of being a driver and hit the road again. If it is sitting for more than a couple of days, you’ll be able to see any noticeable signs of problems when you revisit your car. For example, is there oil underneath your car? How about blue coolant? Even if there’s no noticeable signs, you might see that the car struggles when it’s turned on, and if it has only been a day or two then it’s unusual; get it checked by a company like Autoco.com.au to be sure, and especially before going on any long journeys.

What’s that noise?

It is ominous, to be sure, when you’re driving down a lonely highway and you suddenly a sound emanating from your own vehicle. Kinda scary, we’d think. It’s unlikely to a haunted spirit living in your engine, but it probably is something that you want to get checked out as soon as possible. Noises coming inside your vehicle can mean any number of insidious things, and virtually no good things.

All of the lights

If your dashboard looks like the control centre from a vehicle from Star Trek, then your car probably isn’t in the healthiest of conditions. Lit up exclamation marks, batteries, ABS icons, and engine lights can indicate a serious problem. It can also mean nothing at all and just that it’s time for a service, especially the engine light. Also, if you see lights and you’re positive that all is well with your car, look down: leaving the handbrake is more than common you think.

Smoke signals

Is your car trying to communicate with you via the traditional method, smoke signals? Then the message probably is: please take me to a garage, I am in a bad way. But before you do that, get out of the vehicle and make it’s not actually on fire.

It won’t run

Oh no, you’ve tried to turn your car on and nothing’s happened! The key’s in, gears are fine, engine looks ok, no warning lights…the only thing that’s unusual is this weird pointy thing that’s pointing southwest. What could it mean, I hear you ask? That is the fuel gauge…pop down to your nearest petrol station with a can in hand and sheepishly return to your vehicle, it’ll all be fine (though you might never live it down…).

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