Wednesday 24 April 2024

How to ensure you never lose your car in a car park

Every driver in the world has lost their car in a car park at some stage during their driving life. It may even be that this happens to you often. No matter how well you know your vehicle, it can be impossible to spot when staring at hundreds of parked cars. Before you know, your heart starts beating, and your mind goes even more blank. Where on earth did you park the stupid thing?

Of course, you always find it. It may sometimes take twenty minutes and two circuits of the car park, but you get there eventually and head home. Happy days, right? Perhaps not. There will be times when you’re in a rush and need to head home fast. Even if not, it’s sure to get frustrating if this is a regular occurrence.

Fear not, though, because we have the answer. It’s in your power to make sure those searching days are behind you. All you need to do is consider the following three stand-out modifications.

Top your aerial

This may seem obvious, but many drivers still fail to take action here. In truth, though, topping your aerial could be about the best way to locate your car fast. A simple foam aerial topper is all it takes, and there are many fun options out there to choose from. Whether you pick a Disney character or a simple smiley face, this is sure to make your life easier. With one of these in place, you won’t even need to remember your general location. You’ll be able to look across from the car park entrance and spot your location. It really can be as simple as that.

Who could forget a body like that?

Aside from your aerial, your car’s body is the first thing you’ll spot when you approach from a distance. As such, it’s worth paying attention here, too. Rather than opting for a design which blends in, think about body modifications which can help your vehicle stand out. For one, you could search out a car modification shop which offers body kits. This would allow you to add coloured panels and spoilers. You could even modify your front bumper and exhaust. What better way to stand apart? If you fancy going all out, you could even add a customised car wrap to make doubly sure your eyes land on the prize first time.

Personalise your number plates

Of course, we couldn’t talk about personalising your car without mentioning personal number plates. Admittedly, these do have the downside of needing up close recognition. But, if you always manage to remember the rough location of your car, these could go a long way towards helping. This is especially useful if you have a popular make or model of vehicle. Forget trying to get in someone else’s car all the time. All you would need to do is look out for those personal number plates. And, as well as saving on confusion and hassle, these look amazing. What’s not to love?

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