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Prepare your car for long journeys

Whether you are an employer looking to prepare your employees, or a worker about to hit the road on a long journey, there are a variety of important steps that you should take to prepare a work vehicle.

Here are some top tips to help make sure you are ready.

Safety check

The safety of your vehicle is the most important thing you should check for before a long work journey. This is in your interest and the interest of others on the road. Before any journey, you should conduct a variety of checks around your car, and make sure you feel confident it is safe before you begin driving. It can be helpful to create a checklist to use and include checks such as:

  • Tyre tread
  • Tyre pressure
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Fuel

You should also ensure it is serviced regularly. This will enable a professional to check deeper into the vehicle, such as the brake discs and fluid, car battery, lights, exhaust and other parts of the vehicle.

Important documents

Make sure you always carry important documents around with you. These will come in handy if you break down, have an accident or find yourself in any trouble. Have a folder that can be stored in a safe place, and include any relevant insurance policies, your breakdown cover, the car manual and any important numbers such as for a windscreen replacement professional. You may also wish to include a paper map, in case you find yourself and without any phone signal.

Work equipment

If you are travelling for work, it is important to ensure you have all the tools and equipment that you need. You can create a checklist for yourself to make sure you don’t forget anything important. You should also analyse your vehicle before any long journeys, to clear the space, pack the vehicle early and ensure your equipment is secured safely and will not fall or move around.

Food and water

Travelling for work may result in limited food and water breaks. If you are on the road, there may not always be places to stop off and eat. It is therefore important to ensure you prepare your car with adequate food and water. This will ensure you can dictate when you stop and make sure you can give yourself an energy boost if you are feeling tired while on the road. Food and water will keep you awake and safe on the road.

Schedule breaks

Long journeys can be tiring. It is very easy to want to push through to get the journey over and done with. While this will make your journey over and done quicker, it is more important to rest when you need to. You should schedule breaks on your long car journey, and find rest stops on your route. If you locate these in advance, you won’t need to use your phone to find them, and keep yourself safe.

If you are well-rested, you can stay safer on the road. You may also wish to prepare your car with a pillow and blanket to take a power nap if you feel necessary. Alternatively, pack some walking shoes so that you can take a walk and get some fresh air before hitting the road again.

Follow these top tips to prepare your vehicle for long business journeys, and to make sure you are safe on the road.

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