Thursday 13 June 2024

Helping your teenager look after their car

So your teenager just passed their test and you’ve either bought or helped them buy their first car. Now’s it up to them to stay safe on the road and keep up with any repairs their new vehicle is going to need. But does your work really end there?

Yes, you told them the responsibility was totally down to them, and you don’t want to do everything for them because otherwise they’ll never learn! But sometimes, looking after a car really does need an experienced adult’s eye, so feel free to step in if a problem like the couple listed below arise. You invested in them learning how to drive, and you’ve invested in the vehicle they’re taking on as a main responsibility, you might as well keep an eye on fruits of your labour!

Practice driving with them

So your teen has passed their test, and you couldn’t be prouder in the moment. But they come to you afterwards, and they tell you that they’re not as confident on their own behind the wheel and are scared to take their new vehicle out for a spin. Or maybe it’s been a couple of weeks and they haven’t tried driving their car yet, and you know something is wrong.

If something like this occurs, get into the car with them and get practising! Passing a driving test is only one half of the battle after all, and any kind of problem can arise on the road that they may not have had to encounter whilst they were learning with an instructor. So get in the passenger seat and go with them, and act as an adviser whenever they need you to.

Interest them in investing in their vehicle

If your teenager can see in front of them something they can really sink their teeth into, and thus spend their money on it, they’re going to be a lot more interested in taking care of it. So start suggesting additions they can purchase to make their care look or run better, such as a new radio for better signal and audio quality. Or even tell them they can get a cheap number plate from here, and watch as their face wonders in the ability to truly personalise the vehicle they’re taking out on the road.

You don’t want to always be spending money on the car, so you need to make sure the person who’s actually getting behind the wheel wants to. It can help them funnel their money habits into more productive means, as well as get them to be a much safer driver when they’re out without your supervision.

Your teenager is going to grow into someone responsible one day, if they’re not already, and helping them to look after their car is a great way for you to help them grow. Be proactive here, and you won’t have to spend more money!

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