Tuesday 21 May 2024

What kind of parent are you? Your car tells all…

So, you have upgraded your awesome wheels because your family has expanded. You need a car which can fit your children, all the things you need to keep them alive and any pets you may have accumulated along the way. It needs to be safe. Obviously, it needs to have space for the kids to keep themselves entertained on long journeys and you want something that does all this while still saying a little bit about your personality. So, what on earth are you going to buy and what does that decision, say about you.

According to a few surveys, most buyers do not discuss safety features when purchasing a new car. Instead, they tend to look at what driver aids it has on board. However, if you are the kind of parent who makes safety your number one priority, then you should consider buying a Volvo V40. This care recently topped the polls in Europe when it came to the safest family car under 15k. The Volvo has an unprecedented 100% rating for safety assist features, being the first compact car to offer AEB autonomous emergency braking. It also scored 98% for adult occupant protection, and a pedestrian airbag system helped it score 88% for pedestrian safety. If you turn up to school in this, then you might not get any admiring looks, but you will be smug in the knowledge that your children are safe as houses. Top work!

The thing is, if you are a super cool parent then you might want something that looks cool, drives like a race car but offers you safety too. You are the allrounder parent, with a desire for a little bit of everything. 4WD, or all wheel drive, offers you stability on a variety of road surfaces so why not check Subaru as your next option. The WRX Sti might sound like a car you would own when you are in your early 20’s and, it probably is. However, it is also built like an ox and drives the way you would expect a World Rally Championship winning car to drive. Look at the new details from Chatham Parkway Subaru across the entire range.

Of course the parent with their finger on the pulse of the future needs to be completely tech savvy. Thankfully your car can give you all that and more. Buying yourself a Tesla not only ensures you are getting the most efficient car you can put your money on, but they are also super cool when it comes to looks and, the best secret about this car is the Tesla Hotspot. That’s right; you can support up to seven children on their smartphones, which means you might have all the kids flocking at the school gate.

Buy a car that does all the right things but still tells the world a little bit about who you are. You don’t have to ditch your cool just because you have an ever growing family. Look at what is out there and find the right car for everyone in the household. Chances are you are going to be driving it alone as often as you are full of kids!

** This is a collaborative post

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