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The biggest challenges in choosing a new car

So you’ve made up your mind. You’re going to do this. It’s going to happen, and you can’t wait! Then, of course, the reality of the task starts to sink in. Excitement and anticipation quickly turn to worry, stress and dread. Do you have enough deposit? Will you pass a credit check for the finance? And will the salesperson offer a good deal or rob you blind?

There are so many challenges to overcome when you want to buy a car. The list above is just a few of the ones we worry about the most. The first (and most important) challenge is deciding which motor makes your wheels spin. There are several things to research here:

Good looking, fast, or safe?

If you want a car for its badge, its curves, or its performance, you’ve got to pick the latest high profile model. It’s important to remember, however, the cars that turn heads and are highly desirable will amp up your insurance premium. In some cases, your age may make it almost impossible to get insurance for a car like that.

High-performance vehicles look and sound amazing, but they’ll probably guzzle every last penny you own in fuel. Don’t forget – replacement tires for the high-end motors cost a lot too.

A safe motor can be a cheap motor. Any car that rates well in the safety tests is likely to be priced a little higher, but your insurance premium might be reduced a little. Not all safe cars look great or perform well. Make sure you test drive whichever car you choose.

The dealer

Choosing the dealership is another challenge to overcome. Easisalary’s guide on buying a car offers some insight into this part of the sales process. It details what to look for in a dealership and a salesperson.

When you arrive, make sure you know which car you’re interested in. Take all you driver and ID documents with you so you can take a test drive of your preferred model. Finally, make sure you’ve got a list of what you want for the price you’re willing to pay. Don’t be afraid to go to a different dealership if you can’t negotiate what suits you best.


The deposit for the finance package for your new car comes from two sources. The first is the car you are trading in. Sometimes, this can fall short of the requirements. Many deposits must equal or exceed a third of the retail price of the car. This means you might need to top up with some cash.

Many dealerships offer 0% finance once or twice a year. You might have to agree to a particular edition of the model you’re interested in. You can always top that up by buying extras. The lower the interest rate, the better the deal. However, your trade-in is the biggest part of that deal. You want the best price you can get.

There are a lot of challenges that can take all the fun out of buying a brand new car. Don’t let them put you off, though! Love your new motor.

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