Tuesday 21 May 2024

Protect yourself from the ‘Crash for Cash’ scammers

Generally, if you drive into the back of someone, it’s considered your fault. This makes sense, though. As it’s very hard to prevent someone from driving into the back of you, but easy to avoid driving into someone. So, usually, the moving driver is at fault. Unfortunately, people have found a way to exploit this system.

On large roads, people will pull very close in front of you and hit their brakes very hard. In most cases, this will cause you to hit them from behind. At the scene of the accident, the occupants of the car will insist on calling ambulances and will complain about injuries. This will give them “proof” that they are injured. They will choose quiet stretches of road, with very few witnesses to the accident.

Your stories will be conflicted, with the other driver blaming you for the accident. And, because the accident was a hit from behind, it will be assumed that you are responsible. You won’t be able to prove it otherwise, either. With no witnesses and only the result of the accident as evidence, it will look to most people that you are at fault.

The people who perpetrate these acts will use injuries that are impossible to disprove. Whiplash is very common, as there’s no way to detect whether or not the person is actually injured. It’s also a very common injury to sustain in a car accident. Even if the medical staff think that the person is lying, they have to treat them and act as if they really are hurt.

Thankfully, if you know what to look for, people out for bash cash are easy to spot. It will usually be a large group or family. They do this to maximize on the claims that they can make. They will drive much slower than most cars, to avoid actual injury in the accident. You will notice them pulling very close in front of you, giving you nearly know room to stop. Usually, they’ll use an old car to perform the scam. Otherwise, they’re missing out on profit. Once they’re in position, they’ll hit the brakes, and you’ll hit them.

If you notice someone exhibiting this behavior, be prepared to stop at a moment’s notice. If possible, move yourself out of their path, and try to make a bit of distance between you. If it’s safe to do so, overtake, and get in front of them.

If you’re unfortunate, and you do run into the back of them, make sure to call the police straight away. Explain that you think you’ve been a victim of an intentional car accident. It may seem daunting to get the police involved when you’re being accused of causing an accident. But, the police can collect statements and evidence that you can’t.

Protecting yourself from this problem is hard. To start, you should know the law. Use sites like www.dolmanlaw.com/tarpon-springs-personal-injury-auto-accident-attorneys/ to help you find information about insurance disputes. Other than that, all you can do is plan. Know what you’ll do at the scene of an accident, and be prepared to fight your corner.

Hopefully, you’ll never need this information. But, in case you do, it’s here for you. These cases are becoming more and more common, so be careful.

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