Getting the car you want with a small budget

If you are a car enthusiast but your budget is not working in your favour this year, it’s important to remember the various options of getting the right car for your life. If you have a modest budget and you are determined to get a specific car it can be possible, but you’ve got to follow the rules.

Reassess your budget

It is a simple thing, but it makes a massive difference. When you look at an online car leasing supermarket, the price is there, right in front of you. And you will know if you can afford it based on your incomings and outgoings.

But if you don’t, there’s a wide variety of budget planners out there. It gives you the opportunity to truly get an understanding of how much you can afford to spend on your dream car.

Look at the running costs

We can feel so besotted with one car that we will move heaven and earth to get it. And whether it’s in your budget or not, you’ve got to work out the running costs. While everybody is spending more time at home, this can provide a little bit more wiggle room in keeping the car on the road.

You have to remember that the running costs for a new car worth around £14,000 can cost a little over £1,500 to run. However, a used car can cost £2,000. While a used car can cost more, it will depreciate quicker, so you have to consider the balance.

Is it time to look at fuel economy?

When it comes to getting the car you want, fuel economy might not be at the top of your priority list but now there are a wide variety of hybrid vehicles that can be a great bang for your buck. When you consider fuel economy, it’s one of the key expenses that may tip the balance in your favour.

If you can get a car with low fuel emissions it’s going to be cheaper to run. But of course, this is when you factor in things, such as your lifestyle and how often you will be driving the car.

Are you prepared to make some upgrades yourself?

Finally, if you are hell-bent on getting a certain car that you’ve seen, the upkeep is more than you can afford, but you have found a low-cost used counterpart, it may very well have to be a passion project. If you start to learn the fine art of souping up and restoring cars, you may be able to get your dream car on a modest budget.

But you have to remember that if you are looking for older vehicles, acquiring the relevant parts can prove troublesome. However, there’s a wide variety of forums out there where people are continually bartering for a rare piece of a vehicle that has long been discontinued.

While purchasing the car you want on a modest budget means looking at those tried and tested methods, like fuel economy, getting the car you want is about devoting the time and effort. Your dream car is out there, it just might not be in the most obvious of places.

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