Friday 14 June 2024

Improve your car; improve your winter

It’s a known fact that the wintertime is a very dangerous time for drivers. What with the falling of snow, the forming of ice, the dark mornings and nights and the other hazardous things it brings, wintertime is nightmare for drivers. And one small collision in their car for a driver caused by something like the black ice winter creates on the roads can be enough to ruin that driver’s whole winter. Not only this, but it is a known fact that wintertime can be a very annoying time for drivers too, just because of how cold it is. But there are ways to stop your winter months being ruined in such ways — if you are willing to improve your car and take heed of the advice below, that is.

The first thing you can do when it comes to improving your car during the winter is to get a brand new car altogether. What’s more, the best thing that you can do is buy a car that comes with all the abilities and capabilities needed to successfully drive you through the winter danger free.

The first car made in this way that you should be looking at is the Suzuki Swift. Why? Well, because this is a car that comes will all the road gripping ability you’re going to need when black ice, ice in general and snow forms on the roads you drive on during the winter. The Swift’s road hugging abilities come from the fact that it has a built in ALLGRIP system and that its tyres come with a SZ5 trim. What both of these things to do is ensure that the Swift stays safely on any road it drives on — no matter what winter has done to the road.

Another car that you should be thinking about copping for the winter months is the Range Rover Sport SUV. And, by taking just one look at it you’ll realise why: it’s massive!

Make your car winter ready

However, if buying a new car is either out of your current price range or just something you do not desire to do, then there are adjustments that can be made to your current car to make sure that it is ready for the winter. And these adjustments don’t just have to be made to improve the car’s winter handling, either. No, improving your car in order to improve your winter can be about adjusting it just to get the most out of it, rather than adjusting it just to keep you safer— although that is, of course, always recommended and you can find advice on how to do so here.

One way to do this is to have things fitted to your car that are going to aid you in using your car in as quick and productive way as possible, without having to spend too much time being cold. This could come in the form of roof rack installation so that you can easily pack your car (possibly your skiing equipment, if you live near a snow-covered mountain big enough to ski down) without having to spend a lot of time outside in the cold trying to fit everything in. Or it could come in the form of having your heaters upgraded and made to be fully functioning (if they aren’t already) so that you need never be cold whilst driving.

Winter need be s’no(w) problem for you if you take the advice above. And just remember, no matter where you are and no matter how far away your winter is, it never hurts to start thinking about it and preparing for it in regards to your car.

** This is a collaborative post

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