Thursday 18 April 2024

Security alert: new cars are safer than ever

Since records began, the number of accidents in relation to the population has fallen. And, people say overpopulation is a bad thing! If you don’t believe it, the stats are there for everyone to see. Seriously, just click on the link. But, the facts and figures aren’t the only indicators. Don’t worry – this isn’t the type of post which relies on “gut feel.” After all, what if you had spicy food for lunch? No, the signs are the cars themselves and what they represent. Below are three ways vehicles are more secure than ever.

Steel chassis

Petrolheads will note that steel has been a part of automotive chassis for years. It still is to this day, but the strength of the silver metal is a lot stronger. According to, the tensile strength was 500 megapascals in the late 90s. Today, it’s closer to 1,500 megapascals. Sorry if this is boring, but there is a point, the main one being the increase in rigidity of steel. Experts now reckon an inch of steel can handle 200 pounds of pressure without breaking. Think of it like hanging a Smart Car on a washing line to dry. For motorists, this means the chassis is less likely to break in a collision. Aluminium and carbon fibre, on the other hand, are flimsy. But, they do make cool spoilers if you want to pimp your ride.

Built to crash

Whoever came up with the idea of crashing a car on purpose? Nope, it wasn’t Michael Schumacher on the verge of losing an F1 Drivers’ Championship. It was some boffins in a lab somewhere. Vague though it is, these people are geniuses whose day job includes smashing a poor crash test dummy to smithereens. They may lack the social skills to mourn the dummy, but they have bigger fish to fry. Although it looks like an agenda, they want sites such as to get less custom. The problem is not with the legal profession but unnecessary motor accidents. A simple crash into a wall tells them everything they need to know to make vehicles safer. It’s basic and practical at the same time. See, they are geniuses.

Smarter cars

Oh no, the super smart cars are going to evolve into robotic overlords. An exaggeration maybe, but not out of the question according to Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking. Still, what do two uber brainy captains of industry know about artificial intelligence? Exactly! Not to side with the robots (ahem, take them first please), yet car accidents do have a fundamental link: driver error. Thanks to driver aids or a lack of focus, people lose concentration. And, that is without mentioning tiredness. Driverless or automated cars are the key because their code can avoid mistakes. Sure, someone can hack into the computer and disable the function and cause safety issues. Still, what about those driverless cars, eh? The idea of being their future pet after the android uprising almost makes a person proud.

Cars will never be infallible, but they are getting close.

** This is a collaborative post

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