Friday 14 June 2024

Borrowing against your car

Do you need to borrow some cash? If so, you will probably be overwhelmed by the wealth of options at your disposal. All you need to do is turn on the television and you will be inundated with various adverts offering the ‘perfect’ lending solution.

However, the unfortunate truth is that very few of these are ideal. A lot of loans can end up leaving people in an even worse position because of massive interest rates and hidden fees. This post is here to ensure this does not happen to you.

Firstly, it is important to acknowledge the number of various loan solutions you have to choose from. There is everything from payday loans to a loan against car. The latter option is definitely one you should consider.

Logbook loans tend to be very flexible and you get to keep your vehicle even whilst borrowing the money. Nevertheless, if you do go down this route you still have to make sure you find the best lender for you. So, what should you consider?

How much money can you borrow?

The first thing you need to look at is how much money you are going to be able to borrow. After all, this is your main concern. Most companies will allow you to borrow up to 70 per cent of your vehicle’s worth.

It is important to be certain that you can just borrow what you need. After all, what is the point in borrowing 70 per cent of your car’s worth if you only need to lend a few hundred pounds? If you borrow too much you are only going to end up in deeper trouble.

Does the company have a good reputation?

The second thing you should look out for is the company’s reputation. What have previous customers got to say about the loan they received? Did everything go smoothly? Did the company explain the terms thoroughly? Were they easy to get in touch with?

By reading reviews you will get an honest opinion, instead of reading the sales pitch that is offered by the lender. If a company has a bad reputation this is something you should easily pick up on. After all, angry customers will have taken to the Internet to warn others from making the same mistake.

What are the repayment terms?

Last but not least, you also have to assess the repayment terms offered by the company. Everyone is different and therefore finding a flexible lender is the best route to go down. You need to know how much you are going to be paying back, how long you have got to pay the money back, how much you pay per month, and whether there is a period of grace before you start paying the loan back.

If you consider the three key points that have been mentioned you should have no trouble finding the ideal lender for you. All you need to do is assess their reputation, discover how much money you can borrow, and evaluate the repayment terms.

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