Wednesday 24 April 2024

Four unusual but awesome ways to transform a van

Let’s face it. Vans aren’t exactly at the forefront of one’s mind when it comes to performance motoring. That’s because vans like the Ford Transit are commercial vehicles. Their primary role in life is to transport cargo from A to B. They aren’t designed to look beautiful or go fast.

It might sound unusual, but there’s a growing following of people that modify vans. They do so because they want to put their mark on something different. Or they might do that because they’ve got a van that’s just sat there looking sorry for itself!

So, what can you do with a van? Aside from sticking a set of alloy wheels and a chrome exhaust tip on it? Check out these four unusual but ultra-cool ideas!

1. Gaming van

For most people, playing video games is only something they can do at home or a friend’s house. And if you’re working during the day, it can be a long wait before you can get home. Imagine if you could play computer games on your lunch break? Or in any part of the country (or world) at a moment’s notice?

Believe it or not, several gamers have adapted vans into gaming vans! If you love playing Call of Duty with your friends, why wait until you’re at home? You can just play on the go! Need an Internet connection? That’s no problem either, thanks to fast 4G mobile Internet!

2. Mobile DJ booth

When you’re a DJ, you usually have to lug around lots of vinyl or CDs, equipment, laptops and so forth. And there’s always the worry that some of your gear might get stolen or lost along the way. That’s especially true if you get asked to DJ at festivals or other outdoors events.

If you do a lot of DJ work outdoors, why not create a mobile DJ booth in your van? You’ll have all the space you need to mix and play music. Plus, you can add some awnings to incorporate your van into an event!

3. Mobile computer repair centre

Most IT repair businesses have an office or retail outlet for customers to visit. Some may even offer a service to attend on-site callouts. But, how many do you know can repair computers in a van outside a customer’s premises?

Have you got a lot of technical expertise? If, you could consider offering IT repair services with a difference! It’s quite easy to adapt a van into a mobile computer repair centre. For instance, van racking systems can help you store your tools and spare parts. And you can install a second battery to provide electricity in your ‘repair centre’.

4. Mobile security response centre

Apart from DJs, you’ll often see a lot of security personnel at festivals and similar events. As you can imagine, outdoors events usually feature temporary buildings like tents and marquees.

Are you thinking of setting up a security business? If yes, you could create a mobile command centre in your van! It’s simple to convert a van into a space filled with furniture, computers, and people.

** This is a collaborative post

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