Thursday 18 April 2024

The car personality test: what your vehicle says about you

There is no denying that each and every car out there has its own character. Humans form bonds with their cars in much the same way as they do with their pets (very, very expensive pets for that matter), with cross-country road trips birthing stories of nostalgia and childlike wonder. In fact, cars are so central to our lives that it’s impossible to not view them as an integral part of our family. From your first car in which you shared your first kiss with that ex-girlfriend, to the car which you used to drive your partner to the hospital for the birth of your first child, each vehicle that you have owned will inevitably tell a story. Read on to find the car type that you currently drive, to reveal what story your car tells about you.

“The banger”

Who needs modern and reliable, when you have this old beauty. You convince yourself (and fail to convince your family) that the rusty paint job and crumbling exterior simply “adds character”, and you love that you have to spend every weekend in the garage, replacing and repairing parts that you didn’t even know existed on cars!

Still, how could you part with your baby, the car that has been at your side since you had a full head of hair (and has stood by you, unlike some of your ex-girlfriends)?

You are an old romantic. Though you have the money to upgrade to a more modern alternative, love and loyalty are more important to you than change, and you would run your car into the ground before you even considered selling her on to a new owner.

You know the importance of finding a good car parts specialist, which you can use to help keep your beloved car on the road. You can view the range of parts at GNJ Motorsport to help gather some ideas about how small changes can benefit your ride.

“The Attractive”

If it’s new and shiny, it has to be in your driveway. Like a magpie of the car dealership world, you flit from seller to seller, bartering for the best price on the most expensive cars. Anything less than an Audi won’t suffice, and you just love how great your car looks.

You are flashy. Ok, so you might not know that much about the performance aspect of your vehicle, but that’s ok because, frankly, you don’t care! Your car is the best looking in the entire neighbourhood, and sometimes, on a Sunday afternoon, you will stand next to your car just so that people know that it belongs to you.

Washing your car is your favourite hobby, because looking this good is never too much effort. You most likely wear leather driving gloves, and have been known to sleep in them on occasions.

“The Performer”

You bought your car after scrupulously reading review upon review, for you wanted a car that would never let you down. You have researched every aspect of engine spec performance and fuel economy, and can recite its dimensions more easily than remembering your wedding vows.

You are like the owners manual; crammed with every fact and figure. Not concerned with looks nor price, you crave a car that always offers you more speed, more power and more bragging rights.

You love describing your car’s BHP and MPG at family barbecues (or in fact, at any event at which there is more than just yourself present), and refuse to fill up with anything less than premium fuel. After all, you can never compromise on quality.

“The Prius”

You bought a Prius? Really?

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