Friday 14 June 2024

DIY repairs can go boom!

Okay, we’re going to put this as bluntly and simply as possible: you can’t even assemble an IKEA coffee table, so what makes you think you’ll be just A-okay when it comes to your car’s mechanical problems?

Oh, don’t worry, we know all the reasons why you want to try your hand at car repairs and engine tweaking. There is the cost of taking your car to a mechanic, the extra 20% they put on parts, the fact you are a weekend car enthusiast and because you’ve watched the F1 pit teams carefully, which is the best education you can get.

Well, we’re sorry to be the bubble-bursting realist’s, but all of these reasons are nonsense. Seriously, for your own safety, please step away from your car. Of course, we can’t actually make you step away from your car, which is why we have compiled a list of repairs you shouldn’t do yourself.

Don’t tamper with the transmission

This is the most complex part of any car. Seriously, we spoke to the industry experts about this one. Stuttgart Autos are a Mercedes-Benz service & repair centre and they used no uncertain terms when they stated that a car’s transmission system is basically a Rubik’s Cube, but way harder because there are thousands of little parts. As such, do yourself – and your wallet – a major favour by leaving any transmission issues to the licensed professionals. Trust us.

Stop before touching the brakes

This may not be the most complex procedure on the list, but the risks are pretty much as high as they come. You get the old brake change slightly wrong and the longevity of your life with follow pretty quickly. Basically, what we’re trying to say is, it ain’t worth it. Your life is worth more than the few bucks you’ll save, probably. It may not be, but we’re not qualified to make that call, we don’t know you that well.

The fuel pump is a no go area

Okay, we’re going to give you the need-to-know facts. The fuel pump supplies the engine with fuel at the perfect pressure. It is sensitive. It is precise. It is expensive. So, get it wrong, and not only will you be driving a death trap with the capability to explode without warning, it will also cost you a very pretty penny. Of course, the pretty penny thing may give you a reason to try and repair this yourself. As such, we are going to highlight the explosion bit again. Boom.

Head gasket issues

A blown head gasket is pretty much the worst case scenario of any car owner. The reason: it can take over 25 hours of labour for a qualified mechanic to repair one. That’s over half a working week. That is well over £2,000. That is bad for your funds. However, that still isn’t reason enough to get your gloves on and start operating. Why? Well, the head gasket seals the combustion process of your car. It keeps the coolant and oil from mixing. So, in short, if you get this wrong, you’re looking at being way worse off that the £2,000 we mentioned above #bankrupt. You’re looking down the barrel of a loaded gun. Not literally, but metaphorically, which is our way of trying to put you off a DIY solution.

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