Wednesday 17 July 2024

So you’ve passed your driving test; now what?

People that can’t drive always think that passing their test is the hard part. Yep, getting past the test isn’t as easy as fellow drivers like to make out, even with a few helpful tips. But, not to burst your bubble, it isn’t the only stumbling block in your path. Once you pass, there are plenty of hurdles that, ironically, prevent you from driving. And, because you passed so you could drive the last thing you want to do is not get behind the wheel. To do that, here are the steps you need to take.

Find cheap insurance…

Insurance is the bane of any new driver’s life. No matter how good a driver you are, the cost of the first policy will always be sky high. The reason is that young and new drivers are more prone to crashes, and the company will have to pick up the bill. To cover their backs, they make it almost impossible to afford a decent policy. Nearly impossible, but not quite. With and other comparison sites, the improbable becomes probable. These companies find the best deals on the web so that you don’t have to catch the bus any longer. Another good tip is to call a host of companies and inform them of their rivals’ offers.

…and a cheap car

The insurance isn’t the only thing that costs a bomb. Cars aren’t cheap, so you’ll need to shop around for a car, too. The internet is an excellent place to start because a site like has lots of bargains. But, don’t forget to look on the side of the road. Neighbors and fellow motorists will put ads in the cars if they are trying to sell, and you should take advantage. Sure, it isn’t easy to know if the vehicle is worth the money, but it is a calculated gamble because you only need to get around. As long as the car isn’t a complete write-off, it might be a bargain.

Post-test courses

Lots of drivers hate the thought of taking another course after they have passed, and they have good reasons. However, a pass plus scheme is a good idea according to if you want to get behind the wheel. A certificate from a qualified instructor is everything an insurance company wants to see. Why? It’s because they have proof that you aren’t a typical boy/girl racer that is super naïve when they drive. Instead, they will see you as a viable candidate for a cheaper policy because of your additional qualifications. It is a bit of hassle, but it could be the difference between driving now and in a year’s time.

Don’t panic

The first time you drive after your test is the first time without anyone else in the car. The situation can make you feel as if you are vulnerable and not ready to drive. In truth, everyone feels like this because it’s a big occasion. All you can do is start the ignition, do your checks, and drive carefully. After a while, the feeling will subside, and you won’t think twice when you get in the car.

The test is only the beginning; the real battle starts after you get your licence.

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