Tuesday 21 May 2024

Want your reliable old banger to look and feel new? Here are some tips to try…

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of updating or part exchanging our existing cars. But while they still serve a purpose, you can’t help but look at them and feel deflated, am I right? However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Any one of us can take our old bangers and make them look and feel brand new. With a bit of investment and time, you could start to love jumping in your car all over again. Interested? Here are some tips to help you do it.

Pay close attention to the bodywork

A big giveaway of a car’s age and life is the exterior bodywork. While we can’t help those dents we seem to get at the shops, or avoid those scratches that magically appear, we can repair them. A damaged bodywork can make a car feel tired and look old, so take it your local body shop and invest a bit of money into repairing the bodywork. A Scuffed bumper repair or dent removal shouldn’t set you back too much. But you won’t believe the difference it could make to your car and the paintwork could look brand new. While you are there, perhaps ask them to spend some time buffering the paintwork for maximum shine.

Take good care of the wheels

Another huge indication of a tired and old car is the wheels, and more specifically Alloy wheels as these can be severely damaged without us even realising. Those kerbs can scuff your Alloy wheels no matter how careful you intend to be. So consider getting your Alloy wheels refurbed to match the rest of the exterior of your car. With taken care of bodywork and wheels your car will look like brand new.

Get your car serviced

Now that you have taken care of the exterior it’s important to spend some time and effort on the engine so that your car is driving as it should be. This is where taking it to your local dealer to have it serviced could help improve how your brakes work, and ensure that all oil and lubricant levels are where they should be.

Invest in a full interior and exterior valet

Sometimes it can be as simple as getting your car valeted to reignite how you once felt about your car. The exterior can shine when polished and the interior can feel brand new when hoovered and treated. This is especially important if you happen to smoke in your car, have pets or even children present. We all know that each one of these can leave their mark on the interior of a car, and a full valet can take care of those pesky scents and stains.

Get yourself a sweet smelling air freshener for the car

Finally, while they still haven’t managed to bottle up that “new car” smell, you could treat yourself to a sweet smelling air freshener for the car to keep it smelling just as good as it looks. It can help keep the interior of your car fresh.

I hope this has helped you add some life to your existing car.

** This is a collaborative post

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