Friday 14 June 2024

Car parks; a simple business idea

Regular readers will have seen a piece on starting a valet business last month. Today, there’s another car-inspired money-making idea. Set up your own car park, and you could be on your way to greatness. Not only will you make money, but you’ll see some cool cars along the way too. Want to know some car park business tips? Here are three, free of charge:

Offer wide parking spaces

Parking in a tight space is beyond annoying. You go into a car park, and you’re told there are loads of spaces free. You park your car between the lines and leave it as you go and do what you do. When you return, two normal sized cars are parked beside you. They’re between their lines and have parked exceptionally well (kudos to the drivers). The problem is, these spaces are tighter than a pair of Speedos. You’re stuck and have to wait for one of the other drivers to return. It annoys you, and you never return to the car park ever again and tell all your mates never to go. So, for your car park, make sure you avoid this. Offer wide parking spaces so people can get in and out of their car even when it’s the meat in a car sandwich. Customers will be happy, and your business will thrive.

Keep it safe

Let’s be real here, everyone dreams of racing around an empty car park. Don’t lie and say you haven’t, because you have! We’ve all watched Tokyo Drift, and we all want to watch some street racers fly around a deserted car park. So, you might be tempted to set something up in your car park when business hours are over. However, the reality is, we can’t do this. As fun as it sounds, it’s illegal, as well as dangerous. Instead, you have to do the boring thing and make your car park safe. Set low-speed limits and get speed bumps to prevent people going too fast. This ensures everyone drives at a safe speed, and there are no crashes that damage your property. Boring? Yes. Good for business? Also yes, so, go out and do it.

Show how many spaces are free

These days, most car parks are good as they show how many spaces they have free. This is a great change from the days of helplessly driving through car parks looking for space. If there aren’t any free, you know beforehand, and can move on. So, your car park should keep up with this current trend. You can get infrared sensors that you can be placed on every parking space. These sensors can tell you information on all the spaces. You’ll know when a car is there or not. So, you can display the number of free parking spaces on a digital sign outside your car park. It lets people know, and no one will waste time driving around trying to find a space.

Setting up your own car park is a fun idea for petrol heads to make money. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll soon have enough for that dream supercar!

** This is a collaborative post

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