Wednesday 12 June 2024

Don’t live in fear of breakdowns; take steps to make them less likely

Nobody wants their car to break down when they’re on the road. For drivers that have old cars with poor track records, it’s something that’s feared. Where will the car break down? How will you get it back home? Rather than living in fear of a breakdown, why not make them less likely? Taking action is always better than worrying yourself. So, here are some things you can do to put your car in better shape.

Find the right garage to service your car

Having your car serviced is essential if you want to keep it in the best condition. Ignoring and missing services will allow problems to fester and build up. When key problems like this are not addressed properly, it’s very bad for your car. Find a garage that can offer a high-quality and comprehensive service to you. Audi servicing garages are often used by drivers, but do your research and find the best option for your vehicle.

Change the way you drive

The way in which you drive your vehicle will have a much bigger impact on whether or not your car breaks down than you realise. If you drive erratically and slam your feet down on the pedals too hard, your car will take a battering. Over time, this will have an impact on the car’s engine and how it functions overall. You need to drive your car gently and smoothly if you want to keep it in roadworthy condition for as long as you possibly can do.

Pay close attention to your tyres

Your tyres are vitally important if you want to keep running smoothly on the road. It’s all about making sure that they are inflated to the right level and have enough tread on them. Once a month, you should check the tyre pressure and top them up if they need more air in them. And when you check the tread, don’t allow yourself to ignore worn down tyres. These are more likely to skid and cause crashes.

Get to know your dashboard

Getting to know your dashboard better will make you much more able to prevent breakdowns. When you know what each and every light means, you can take action whenever a problem arises. It’s very common for people to see a flashing light on their dashboard and not know what it means. But simply ignoring it is not the answer. Get out your driver’s manual and learn more about all the lights and what they’re trying to tell you.

Check your fluids

You should always be sure to check the fluids in the car. If they run too low, your car will be deprived of something that it really needs, and you can’t allow that to happen. This is not something that you should leave to the garage that services your car. You will need to check them more regularly than that. The oil, water, transmission and brake fluids will all need to be checked and topped up at regular intervals to prevent breakdowns.

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