Wednesday 22 May 2024

Ways you can drive a supercar without owning one

You might love the idea of owning a supercar. We’ve all stared at someone driving are favorite model down the road and thought “if only“. If only I had enough money to buy one. If only I could afford it. Don’t worry; we’re not going to give you lots of pointless advice about how to save up to get one. We all know that’s nonsense. You could save five hundred a week, and it would still take you years to afford one of these beauties. Instead, let’s look at some alternative ways you can drive the supercars of the world without the heavy cost.

How Does He Afford It?

You might have noticed that a next door neighbor or someone on your street has a supercar on their driveway. You might be wondering how on earth they afford it. After all, they’re living in the same area as you? Their economic situation must be quite similar. Well, there are a few explanations for this. The first is that they are a great little saver. But we think we can agree, like we said, this is nonsense so let’s forget that idea. The other possibility is that they just came into some money. Maybe a relative died and left them a small fortune. Or perhaps, they bought a smaller house so they could afford the coolest car. However, we suspect the answer is car financing. If you don’t know what car financing is, don’t bother looking it up because it’s just a debt trap. You get the car, but you don’t own it. Instead, you pay it off in installments. If you bought a car, it would take you decades to pay it off. This is why we imagine one day your neighbour’s supercar will disappear and be replaced with a supermini. Moving on…

Rent For The Day

A cool choice that is kind of like a track day. Except…well you won’t be confined to the tracks. We have heard that people do this quite often for two reasons. Either to impress business clients or to impress an employer to get a job. We’ve also heard of people renting supercars for wedding days and special occasions. If you check out companies like Prestige Keys, you’ll find they have a wide range of supercars available to rent.
Alternatively, you can head to a track day for a lower price and less freedom. Although, you will have the advantage of being able to take the car to its very limit in a safe environment.

Looks Real, Feels Real, Must Be Real

Finally, we have to bring up the possibility of PlayStation VR, due to be released in October. Now, this may not sound like a real options but before you judge, have a look at a tech demo. We suggest you look for the one of the guys trying out Driveclub VR. This puts you in the seat of a supercar, and it’s the body reaction that is the giveaway here. By his body language, the guy testing this tech is overwhelmed by the virtual reality experience. He can’t quite believe how authentic it is. It may be as close as you can get to driving a supercar whenever you want. In particular, check out the reaction he has when he takes the hand off the steering wheel. It shows his brain has tricked him into thinking he’s actually in a car driving a Lamborghini. It doesn’t’ get much better than that.

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