Thursday 13 June 2024

Luxury car accessories that are actually a sound investment

Owners that choose to decide to upgrade their vehicle, beyond the standard spec sometimes come in for a bit of flack. But they might actually have the right idea. Here’s why.

DVD Player

While it’s true that cars have functioned perfectly well for a hundred year or so, without having built in DVD players. Anyone with a family will know the value of peace and quiet on a long journey.

The added benefit that they can be fitted with headphone means that the little ones in the back can be kept happy for long swaths of time. So you can drive in peace and avoid being exposed to Frozen’s ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ for the 654 billionth time.

Personalised Number Plates

A bit of a marmite purchase, meaning you either love them or hate them. Owners of these private plates, such as those available at, can often get stick for ‘wasting their money’ on a vanity project.

But the reality of the situation is that a good personalised plate can actually be worth a lot of money. There are sites dedicated to selling them and some reach upwards of £7,000 which makes them an excellent investment in anyone’s book.

Assisted parking

Let’s face it modern life is stressful and the roads are the fullest they have ever been. So the last thing that you want after a stressful drive is all the anxiety of trying to squeeze your four by four into a tiny parking space.

That is where assisted parking systems come in. Some provide you with a camera so you can manually maneuver into the space. While others take over the control and do it all for you. For those that are not confident with parking, then anything that avoids this stress is an excellent investment in your own well-being.

Upgraded Tyres

Tyres are expensive enough, without upgrading them, “I hear you say.” But so often we forget that the are the only actual part of the car that has contact with the road. So they are essential to handling and safety.

A performance tread can increase ease of maneuvering and stopping distance, even during wet weather. This is not only great for the experience of driving a car, but it can also have a significant impact on its safety performance as well. Your families safety is always a good investment.


Wheel rims have a bit of a reputation for being flashy and for boy racers. So are they all about the look? No, actually they are not. Rims are lighter than steel wheels, so they create better handling for your vehicle.

While some people say that difference is only really noticeable with spotty cars. Others swear that the handling provided by rims make the care both faster and safer.

Ultimately is up to you to decide, and remember to keep some steel wheels in reserve. As you will need to the added weight for driving in the ice and snow, come winter time.

**This is a collaborative post

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