Wednesday 24 April 2024

Make your employee car park more efficient

The carpark for employees. Those who are tasked with managing, supervising, and using these kinds of facilities are well aware of the fact that this may be an unexpectedly sensitive topic.

On-site parking may be a significant advantage for employees, making the provision of a quality car park service crucial. Employers are not required to offer car parks for their employees; but, on-site parking can be a huge benefit for employees.

The improper administration of parking facilities can result in problems for both the company’s employees and the company as a whole. Other elements, such as the placement of the parking lot or capacity concerns, might further exacerbate problems, and it may be necessary to take into account the perspectives of surrounding people as well.

Safety first

It is possible to manage parking garages in a manner that optimises both safety and efficiency at the same time. Take for instance the structure of your website as an example.

Car parking spaces must to be kept fully apart from goods vehicle traffic, dispatch bays, and parking spots for trucks at this facility. Because of the limited visibility in these places, it is important to ensure that pedestrian access is restricted as much as possible.

This is necessary because cars that are reversing offer a risk to pedestrians. By separating these items out in this manner using a crash barrier, for example, a smoother, more streamlined flow of traffic is ensured, which in turn reduces the likelihood of injuries or accidents occurring throughout the process.

It is important to consider pedestrians’ safety throughout the planning, construction, and maintenance of parking lots and access roads. By carrying out risk assessments at certain intervals, it will be possible to determine whether or not certain groups on the property, such as those who require parking for disabled individuals or who ride motorcycles or bicycles to get to work, require any modifications to the current setup.

When carrying out any kind of review, everything should be thoroughly recorded, with management choices and action items being highlighted distinctly.

Control access

You have a responsibility to take care of your users as a business. This implies that you need to make sure that any security measures you make are accessible to all visitors and that they are able to use the facilities that are made available to them.

Even though the employee parking lot and the guest parking lot are in distinct facilities, the visitor parking sections still need to be clearly delineated, easily accessible, safe, and granted the same degree of protection as the employee parking lot.

In addition, if you have a system in place for access control, it could cause delays both while people are entering and leaving the building. These delays in time tend to cause a hole in efficiency and might be frustrating for the staff who are working on the project.

ANPR cameras are able to cope with these issues in an exact manner by recording the specifics of a vehicle’s licence plate and transmitting that information to an access control device. This eliminates the need for your staff to wait around and makes the procedure more effective overall.

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