Thursday 13 June 2024

The Mercedes CL-Coupe; still top of the class?

Mercedes Benz has been taking just a couple knocks to its reputation as of late. Particularly in the ‘reliability’ factor of their cars. But the CL-Coupe still remains one of their most popular cars and for a good reason. You are getting everything you could want out of a luxury coupe, with a bit of sport to go with it. Below, we’ll take a look at what makes (or breaks) the Mercedes Benz CL-Coupe.


The latest CL-Coupes come with three choices of engine. A 5.0-litre V8, 6.0 V12 or two AMG-tuned units. That’s giving you a range between 203bhp to 603bhp. Clearly, lacking power is not a concern here. Each car could exceed 155mph if not for electronic limiters at work. Just one example of how tech rules in the newest CL-Coupes. As for those who care about the noises their car makes, they will be happy to know it makes all those satisfactory roars on acceleration. Get it to cruise at just about any speed, however, and it starts to purr.


It’s big, but it’s quick on its feet. It’s very easy to stay in control and that’s because you’re not entirely in control. There’s more tech in place to prevent too much leaning on turning curves and to stop your wheels from locking up when braking. Even to stop you from skidding. It all means a comfortable, smooth drive but there are some who will rankled under the synthetic driving experience. Even the butter smooth automatic gearbox can feel unresponsive at times. That said, if you’re rating it entirely on the quality of its handling, then you have to give it flying colours.

The feel

Even if you like a car with plenty of tech to brag about, getting in a CL-Coupe can be intimidating. There are a lot of buttons and it will take you some time to get used to them. But that’s the only thing that’s immediately uncomfortable about the driver seat. It’s roomy and it’s comfortable. A little difficult to access the back seats but once you’re in, just as delightful to sit in there as well. Then you start to look at all the tech you actually have your hands on. Quality climate control, cruise control, electric motors for both seats and windows. Even a particularly decent in-built sat nav. You can’t be sad about a lack of features in this car, that’s for sure. Worth the button plethora you first encounter.


It’s not perfect, however. When you’re paying for that much luxury and utility, you expect to pay. And oh boy, do you. If you’re willing to forego some of the latest tech, it’s recommended you look at slightly older models from places like RRG Group shop floors. They still have the power and comfort you are going to want. Thankfully, the models of the later years are not another example of decreasing durability in Mercedes Benz. But they’re not the most reliable on the market, either.


Compared to some other cars, they even lack some of the anti-theft protection you might expect for the price. We’ve already mentioned the fact that they’re not exactly the most cost effective of cars. A big part of that comes down to the running costs. Running between 19 and 29mpg, these are guzzlers in their truest form in most cases. They don’t entirely have the resale power of brands like Aston Martin or Bentley’s either. But that’s not to say you will have any trouble selling them. It might just take time and knocking down the price a little.

In conclusion

If you’re willing to pay for it, there is very little to regret in a Mercedes Benz CL-Coupe. They are incredibly comfortable and incredibly powerful. If there’s one factor that Mercedes tends to outshine their competition, it’s in terms of design. CL-Coupes are gorgeous, no doubt about it.

There’s also the jaw-dropping tech to get to grips with. Once you get over the cumbersome implementation, you will be fully aware how futuristic that machine is. In terms of the drive itself, the only down is the occasional disconnect in regards to its synthetic nature. The feedback can be poor in the steering from time to time. But otherwise, you are driving a fantastic car. It’s not only fast and nimble for its size. It’s also light and can be as quiet as you want it to be. Overall, this is a car we would recommend for those who love the thrill of driving.

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