Wednesday 22 May 2024

You don’t need to be a mechanic to keep your car roadworthy

Oh dear; your MOT is due in a couple of weeks, and you’ve just discovered there’s an issue. That issue may or may not cause your car to fail the test to check whether it is still roadworthy. Looking at some of the cars on the road, you might be surprised by what vehicles are considered road legal. We’ve certainly seen a few vans on the road that look like they’ve almost given up. The bumper might be hanging half off, and there may be a few dents in the side. However, problems like this won’t cause your car to fail. It’s more the technical aspects and engine faults that could make the car dangerous for you and others. That’s the bad news. The good news is usually, these problems won’t mean an expensive repair job. You can fix them yourself and usually that just means knowing there’s an issue.

Let there be light 

You may not notice if there is a light out on your car. If a driver flashes you, you probably just think they’re annoying, even if when they are trying to point out a problem. We tend to switch the lights off before we get out too. So, there’s not much chance of recognizing a blown bulb. That’s why before you head to a MOT garage, switch on the lights and wander around the car. If one is out, you’re guaranteed to get a fail. They’re easy to replace too and using an instruction guide online; you can DIY this job.

I can fix that with duct tape

We know when you’re car starts to get older there can be some serious issues. One of the doors might not open or close properly. Any issue like this will guarantee your car is not road legal. Taping that door shut won’t work either. All doors need to be able to open and close. There is more good news here though. Usually, a problem with the door is because of the catch. These are easy to replace and a small, affordable repair. Something like this isn’t going to break the bank.

How long has that light been on?

There are any number of reasons why a warning light might come on in your car. It may point to a serious issue. It could also be a crossed wire or a technical problem. An example of this is the airbag light. That might come on; it might flash, and this doesn’t mean the airbags won’t work. It could simply be an electrical issue. It’s best to get a problem like this checked out, though. That way, you’ll know for sure and won’t have to worry about your car being a danger to you.

Clean and in the clear

Finally, you may want to replace your wipers just before the test. If they are in poor condition, this could be a small way your car fails the MOT. New wipers only cost around fifteen pounds and are easy to install. It’s worth it if it gets your car the green light.

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