Why you should buy a used car

The decision whether to buy your next vehicle new or used should not be taken lightly. Understanding the benefits of going for a second-hand vehicle can help you make your choice. That’s not to say that new cars are without their advantages. These can be that they have zero mileage, no wear and tear and state-of-the-art technology.

There are laws in place to ensure that all vehicles on the road have to meet certain requirements. A new car will not necessarily be any safer, but it will have more up to date legislation to adhere to. A used car, however, has many advantages that you might not have thought of before. With a little care and attention to detail, you could get a better result.

Why buy used?

There are many benefits to buying used cars. Take into consideration the depreciation of most cars, you won’t be able to make a profit on your car in the future if you buy new, as all cars drop in value literally as soon as they’ve left the dealership. They aren’t a solid investment, so when you think the much higher price will be worth it in the future, this might not necessarily be realistic.

You can get more for your money with a second hand vehicle. Your insurance costs will be much lower. There will be a wide range of already tried and tested models available. This means you can compare reviews and other drivers’ experiences. There is minimal risk as it’s a requirement that all used cars come with MOT and a full history report.

Used car checklist

Carry out a deep inspection of the guts of the vehicle, check the engine and oil particularly for leaks, and also the exhaust. Make sure the gearbox, brakes and clutch are all working normally, the most fun way to do this is by giving it a test drive.

If the vehicle has a mileage of 20,000 or less, you can expect the interior to be in great condition still so make sure everything works and there’s not hardly any damage. Switch on and off any lights or electronic controls inside.

It goes without saying but be sure to test the wheels and tyres, including the spare, for any punctures and general weathering. For anyone less confident with the mechanics side of things, you can find easy to follow instructions online.

Despite having been thorough and inspecting the vehicle yourself, avoid risks at all costs. Ensure that whatever you buy has full documentation including MOT and history report. Decide how you’re going to choose between a car dealership or buying from a private owner.

To save a lot of time and avoid risk and responsibility, it’s better to go with a dealer, this will give you more legal rights. Have a look at companies such as California Group. You can choose from a range of used vehicles and you’ll get a trustworthy comparison. There are also a range of other vehicle services offered.

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