Is a 4×4 the right vehicle for you?

You need a vehicle that is reliable, spacious, practical and versatile – so you’ve probably thought about getting a 4×4. Sometimes referred to as off-roaders or four wheel drives, these sporty and yet rugged vehicles with a high driving position are increasingly popular on the roads as they effectively deal with all types of driving conditions.

They represent a lifestyle choice that many of us would like to live. But what exactly is it about these cars that makes them such a good choice? And can you be sure that owning a 4×4 would suit you?

Owning the off road

These vehicles can handle almost any situation, and handle as well on the road network as they do in other types of environment. Designed to work on lots of different surfaces, a 4×4 is a vehicle that many drivers enjoy taking off road.

So if you fancy some all terrain adventures, then you definitely need to own this type of car and you can drive off road knowing you’ll be safe. 4×4 vehicles are renowned for handling extreme driving conditions such as snow easily as well, so if you live somewhere that can get fairly impassable then you need to check this type of car out.

Stylish and spacious

If you want to combine head-turning looks with plenty of storage capacity and a comfortable ride for passengers, a 4×4 can deliver. With increased head room, leg room and a large boot space, even adults can be comfortable in the back. And if you love camping, adventure sports, climbing, fishing, going to music festivals or mountain biking, then owning a 4×4 is essential for transporting all your equipment.

You’ll also find that many models of 4×4 offer individual seat adjustment and customisable configurations such as removable rear seats – this can be especially helpful if you have small children and you need to transport prams and other equipment and taken them in and out of car seats. Even financing them is easy if you work with a specialist such as LRC 4×4 to find the best deals available to you.

More reliability

These powerhouse vehicles have the advantage of four wheel drive. Rather than the engine power only channeling to the front or rear wheels, on these models it goes to all four, giving you unrivalled traction. On some makes of 4×4 this can also be configured with an on-demand system which lets you switch between two and four wheel drive to suit the type of driving situation you’re in.

If control handling and peace of mind in challenging road conditions are what you’re really seeking then you couldn’t do better. Combined with the elevated driving position that offers unparalleled road visibility, you’re going to have a secure driving experience that can be relied upon.

There are many different models of 4×4, from the classic Land Rover and Jeep models to more recent offerings like the Mitsubishi Outlander or Nissan X-Trail. Read car model reviews to get a sense of which one would suit your requirements and lifestyle.

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