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Subaru: new or used?

Buying a Subaru is an exciting moment and 2017 is the time to buy yours if you haven’t already. One of the first decisions you’ll make about buying a car is whether to go for shiny, brand spanking new one or a used model that has been on the road before. It’s a tough decision for a new driver, especially when it comes to buying a Subaru. There are some extensive pros and cons for both sides, which really doesn’t help you come to a decision.

It’s common for most people to be adamant that their next car, whichever model it may be, will be a new one with no miles on the clock. Sinking into that leather seat as the first occupant is a feeling like no other and it can feel like an achievement to buy a car that hasn’t met the road yet. What happens next is that they find that a slightly used Forester or Outback may have been better for them all along. The opposite is also true. Perhaps you find yourself wandering around your nearest Eblen Subaru dealership, looking for a nearly new Forester and end up finding a deal on a new one. It’s a tough decision to make; like Sophie’s Choice, but without the death.

There are over a thousand Subaru models registered every year, both brand-new and used, and it may seem odd to you that people have thousands of dollars laying around to buy new. Of course, that’s not the case. For some it is, and those lucky few can do without finance, but most Subaru vehicles are bought on a long-term finance option. Dealerships specific for Subaru have a huge variety of their models on offer, from the stylish Impreza to the luxurious Liberty. The biggest decision you’ll make aside from the model of choice, is whether you get the new or the used one. So, how do you make that choice? We’ve put together arguments for both sides, new and used, and the pros and cons of each. Either way, you’ll be driving off in the model of your choice!

In 2017, Subaru nearly completely redesigned their Forester, instead choosing to make some slight changes and improving the driving experience so it’s quieter. When you buy a new Subaru Forester, you get a roomier interior and excellent cargo space. Subaru is a model that keeps its value very well, meaning that if you buy new it’s not going to depreciate the second you drive out of the dealership. This is why you find a used Subaru at a similar price of a new one; they just keep their value, proving that they are cars worth buying at all.

New Subarus have a fantastic warranty on them, of five years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. One of the best things about buying a new vehicle is the warranty, as if you have a fault your manufacturer will put it right. Subarus are made to last, with most cars made by Subaru still on the road ten years down the line. With that sort of promise you can’t really go wrong, can you? A warranty is one of the most important considerations when buying a new Subaru and with one that will come with an anti-corrosion warranty for twelve years, and cover for your paintwork for three years, buying new seems like a no-brainer.

With any model, including a Forester or an Outback, reliability is going to make a difference. When you buy a new vehicle, you can pretty much guarantee that it will be reliable. None of the consumables in the car or the mechanicals have had any stress put onto them. All those replaceable car elements like tyres, brakes, bulbs and filters should have years in them before they break down. On some used models – not all – this isn’t the case. Those cars have already been on the road for a period of time and have suffered some wear and tear. A new car has no wear and tear and it should be something that lasts you longer.

When you buy new, whether it’s a car or a new phone, you automatically look for upgraded technology. You wouldn’t swap the latest iPhone 7 for an iPhone 4, would you? Cars with the newest kit are hotter on the road, with car gadgets and gizmos being produced at a rapid rate. Cutting-edge vehicle technology, such as pre-collision braking and adaptive cruise control that is found in the 2017 Impreza is just one such example. The newly upgraded Impreza has also had a new feature installed: automatic braking if there is an obstacle while reversing. Imprez-ive, no?

The safety of a brand-new vehicle is likely to be higher than that of a used vehicle. Used cars have a different history and may have been in accidents in the past. Sure, you can get a full history, but you can never truly understand a used car history or how any accidents have affected the overall vehicle. Safety is tested periodically so if you buy a used car with a five-star safety record from ten years ago, the used car with a five-star record from last year will absolutely be safer. New Subaru models are safer than used models as they haven’t yet had any accidents or issues.

Customisation of a new car is not only a fun factor, but important. You get to choose everything from the colour to the interior. On top of this, you can choose the type of engine, safety kits and the mechanical elements of the Subaru you choose. Having the ability to truly tailor your new car is one of the biggest draws for buying a new vehicle. Even paying that little bit extra is worth it if you get to choose your specifications. With a used model, you’re buying someone else’s choices. You may love red for a car, but if the engine isn’t what you would necessarily choose to go with it, you’re stuck. You could easily change everything but it’d be at your own expense, and you may as well buy new if you’re going to rip the car to pieces anyway!

Efficiency is a huge factor when buying a car. A new car is generally more efficient fuel-wise than a used car and this is down to the fact that manufacturers are continuously making upgrades and changes to make them run cleanly and cheaply. Cars have a huge carbon footprint in general and if you want yours to be environmentally friendly, buying new can help. A nearly new Subaru from five years ago won’t be as efficient as a brand new 2017 Impreza, and that is down to the evolution of car technology.

A big consideration of buying a car is, of course, the cost. New deals on the latest Subaru can come with amazing finance deals and you can get that brand spanking new Impreza for little to no deposit, depending on where you go. Walking out of a dealership with a set of shiny car keys without the chunk of cash upfront is an enticing offer for most. New cars can be expensive and there’s a good reason. Cars that have never been on the road are always going to be more expensive than a used one. That there is a pro for a used car; the cost. While a Subaru doesn’t decrease in value by much, a few thousand dollars off the purchase price is still something!

One of the only true cons of buying a new car is having to wait for it to come out of the factory. If you have specifications in a list as long as your arm for a new model, you have to wait for them to make it! It seems a fair trade-off, though, when you get to choose everything from the colour to the tyre tread on your new Subaru.

So, should you go for a Subar-new or an older model? Well, really, it’s going to be up to you and your budget. If you can stretch to a new model, always buy that whether it’s the newest Subaru Outback or Impreza. Having your own car that no one else has driven yet is always going to be a better option than a used one, but don’t be fooled. A used vehicle is going to be exactly what you need if that’s what your budget can manage. Always get the right safety checks and hey, you can even get it repainted to be a little customised to what you want. Your choices aren’t limited when it comes to new or used Subaru models, and you’ll always be getting a reliable option either way. Sophie’s Choice? Not so much, now that you know the differences!

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